South Korean military helicopter crashed 3 people missing the remains of 1 drivers were found-kairui

South Korean military helicopter crashed 3 people missing 1 drivers were found the remains of the original title: Korean military helicopter crashed 3 people missing a driver’s body was found in the new network on 27 September, according to South Korean media reports, South Korean military a lynx helicopter in the Korea US joint military drill in the sea, 27 South Korean military in the depth of 1300 meters of the seabed found 1 bodies, and the other 2 continued to search for the missing pilot. According to reports, found the remains of a 33 year old confirmed the helicopter captain kim. South Korean navy officials said the search personnel found the wreckage of the helicopter in the seabed, and the driver’s body was found outside the wreckage of the helicopter. According to earlier reports, South Korea 26, 21 at 05 PM, a plane to participate in military exercises in the waters east of the Korean Peninsula, the lynx lost contact after issuing a distress signal, and disappeared from radar. South Korean military confirmed that the helicopter has crashed, said it crashed in the sea 52 kilometers east of Xiangyang, Gangwon, the driver had previously issued a distress signal 4 times. The military said that after receiving a distress signal immediately after the rescue work carried out by the Navy, but due to low visibility at night, resulting in difficulties in search and rescue. After the accident, the military has ordered more than 20 aircraft lynx helicopter all grounded, and the establishment of the accident investigation committee to investigate the cause of the accident. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: