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Medicine How difficult it is to bare sinus infection? The person who have been through this, know the severity and irritation in that situation. It is very distracting and will make you to go through sleepless nights. When it comes to treat sinus infection , many of the doctors recommend antibiotics and other decongestants. However, there is nothing better than natural remedies that are available in your kitchen. These natural medications work the best and cure your sinus infection. Symptoms of Sinus Infection Feeling of pressure or pain around the eyes Feeling of irritation around the cheekbones Yellow and green discharge from nose May develop ear pain or fever Headache and back pain Some natural medications: In such condition it is needed that you should keep your body hydrated. Therefore, you have to drink plenty of water and other liquids, like hot tea, coffee, soups and clear beverages to keep your body hydrated and thin the mucous. It is better choice to keep you away from dairy products. It is said that some dairy products that includes milk, cheese and even ice-cream can be very harmful in this condition. It can cause more mucous, therefore avoid these items, if you are going through sinus infection. If you get cold, try to treat it as soon as possible. If not it can cause allergy shots . Lingering cold may be the reason of sinus infection. To avoid this you can use zinc supplement to get out of it and may make conditions right for you. Get plenty of rest. If taken rest properly, sinus infection can be cured in less than three days. Try to drink hot beverages and inhale steam. It will help you to free your nervous system from mucous. Include foods which are the rich sources of anti oxidants. It is the part of immunotherapy . This food list can include berries, broccoli, tomatoes, garlic, red grapes and spinach. These food items if taken regularly can help to boost your immune system and cures sinus infection. Use the natural medicines available in your kitchen. Garlic juice is the best medicine to treat sinus infection. If you are going through sinus infections symptoms and want to test it, Premier Allergy is the best. They are testing allergies and them able to help you to know the foods and drugs you may be allergic to. Visit them at: About the Author: Premier Allergy are the experts when it comes to testing for allergies. They are able to test for a wide variety of allergens, chemicals, medications/drugs and foods you may be allergic to. Visit them at ..premierallergyohio../ Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: