Soft Meng cure wizard treasure can dream debut! I want to win. minmi

Soft Meng cure wizard treasure can dream debut! I want to say ah soothe the hot topic in the field of two yuan recently, "elf treasure can not dream! Before the mother Penguin shared Birdy C artist Birdy C’s works, after all, is loyal fans, have very good work, this time the mother penguin will introduce "soft adorable healing spirit treasure dream oh! Come and see! Take a look at the painter Birdy C, accidentally is a very fashionable boy ~ then is the self portrait of Birdy C and wizard treasure can dream! Birdy C works are drawn with color pencils, especially soft adorable appearance really want to let a person in his arms ~ but this is Birdy C turned himself into Picacho’s appearance! Let’s take a look at the most famous series of works of Birdy C! Let the spirit of Meng Meng treasure can be put on a lovely dream hooded T-shirt, more interesting is that these coats are elf style with other treasure may dream of evolutionary patterns Oh ~ you see wave looks arrogant ah, Coleopter wearing a coat or cute Bee needle! This is full of happy and lovely illustrations, grass, fire and water elf treasure can be a large photo of their dream! If you like Birdy C works, you can go to his instagram onlookers Oh ~!相关的主题文章: