So Mizuhara Kiko will wear, right Zhilong will actually be other girl up to the Sohu. happynewyear

So Mizuhara Kiko will wear, right Zhilong will actually be other girl up to the Sohu are now love their romance really affects our heart, even though we cannot interfere, but not hurt the autumn sad a month, this is not just a while ago about GD right Zhilong ins trumpet was black, and little Matsuna Na love made exposure, there are a lot of fans sister said to stand the heartache. Girls, although we can not to God, but to know God’s love is what type of girl, so that there is a direction not (though this is not what) Komatsu Nana was born 96 years although only 20 years old this year, but she’s currently Japan’s hottest new generation models. Dress seems to have their own style, can be pure wild, high plasticity Komatsu Nana is on the most representative of the female, princess head Liu Qi, micro hair natural and pure smile with occasional toot mouth, it really is to sell adorable and sweet to the heart even if the person wearing a white T with turmeric is also nice, casual pants, such Komatsu dishes look good and Nai ah! Loose hair, isexhausted misty eyes let Komatsu Nana not naturally exudes a feeling with GD a laid back cover shooting is really a face, Komatsu Nana also showed that the wind light cloud of light, in the end is how to do! If you want to hold up to the heart of GD, not only pure and lazy can be oh, occasionally to the wild feeling, with big lips, indifferent expression, with that of " the wild " there is a surprise just perfect, beautiful, have to admit that this style is Komatsu Nana Yu so easy, girls have get key points to success up to the man of God’s heart, but also from the clothing and dress style. Oh ~ find a time about their gods, beautiful dress, let him see that is not the same for you ~ in blue collocation situation: with God warm clothing collocation autumn date always gives people a warm feeling in a beige jacket with the color white sweater with a pair of casual pants nude boots made more graceful neck wearing a flower with six petals Pendant Pearl surface shining light Jinhui with a rhythm so smart you are afraid not to provoke God heart with a series of single product three petal flower type curved Bracelet in pure and mixed this colorful transform even a casual dress also added a bit of understated elegance ears and fingers like a flower blooming quietly warm flowers without dazzling jewels like a ray of sunshine exudes the natural fresh air to introduce this summer flower series painted Xiaoxiao decorated with a better idea of their works: a flower blooming in the summer flowers only come for me. I love flowers, six petal flower shape is very simple form with a long shell stone, collar with the classical collocation pattern, simple but elegant. Precious metals: Silver gem: Fritillaria process: casting, polishing, embedding more about fashion and jewelry collocation knowledge articles please pay attention to WeChat public number: joolers相关的主题文章: