Sina private treasure enjoy the Mid Autumn Festival holiday revenue opportunities only the last 3 ho-quickchm

Sina private treasure enjoy the Mid Autumn Festival holiday revenue opportunities only the last 3 hours! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Sina Financial News in September 12th, before the 2 day of the Mid Autumn Festival holidays, 9 fund companies announced that some monetary fund will continue to suspend business before the holiday, Xiaobian remind investors: if you do not buy the stock, do not want to have idle funds during the holidays, want to buy goods based quickly start, suggested in September 12, 2016 before the 15:00 order. The Mid Autumn Festival gift, Sina private treasure line! Sina private treasure in the last seven days a week the annual revenue rate of more than 3%. The Mid Autumn Festival people spare cash is not idle, private saving money treasure, Monday September 12th 15:00 before the purchase, holidays can also enjoy the benefits! More than a week of gains, missed a pity! > > computer: the end immediately buy Sina private treasure purchase method: Download Sina mobile phone client financial planner, click on the fund, Sina private treasure interface, click to buy.   scan code download Sina Financial Planner APP   more monetary fund 7 fund companies will suspend the purchase of funds on September 13, 2016 start date, in September 19th to resume the purchase date. Specifically: Huizengli Yinhua currency (000860), Jin Yuanshun (620010), compare gold currency day day gain currency (350004), Qianhai (001870), open source currency agricultural silver currency (660007), agricultural bank dividend day currency (000907), Agricultural Bank tiantianli currency (001991), silver currency (163802) the bank paid money, wallet (000699), (550010) and Prudential monetary fund companies in 2 will suspend the purchase, in September 14, 2016 to suspend large purchase starting date, in September 19th to restore the subscription start date. The Taikang pay satisfaction guarantee currency (001477), Huaan Fuli currency (040003), Huaan (040038) and other money day xin. Insiders remind that, according to the provisions of the fund share of the day of purchase from the next working day to enjoy the distribution rights of the fund. More than 15:00 operation, it is also the first time after the Mid Autumn Festival to confirm that the long holiday, your funds will be shown to be confirmed, not only did not gain, do not want to use it to support. If investors have investment funds, the intention of the cargo base, it is recommended to complete the operation before September 12, 2016 15:00, you can enjoy the holiday income. Once missed, do not purchase. After buying just bought in September 19th there is no difference, the festival was starting to return. Another reminder: Redemption, redemption Monetary Fund (the balance of treasure, current pass, zero wallet, CAITONG etc.): Redemption is generally the trading day 15:00 the day before the application, the second trading days to confirm, 1-3 days arrival. Different funds are not necessarily the same time, a detailed inquiry fund company. theory相关的主题文章: