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Shenyang was hiding such a "Ga" street! Sohu and speaking of Hunhe River, we all know the Changbai Forest Park on the weekend and family friends driving garden walk, play day. That’s not to eat! Yes, green onions! Rolls! Bread! It’s just a cushion pad! Do you agree, you promised you that playfully stomach! It is this Zezheng ah, all the surrounding plants, did you want me eating grass!!! Who let you be "pleasant goat" is the "grey wolf", we have to eat meat!!! "Spicy crawfish" "secret shrimp balls" and "sauce" backbone "it" and "four unique pot" can be waiting for you! Elmar, all of a sudden out of so much food, baby lap, and which? You made it, at the park embankment beside the hide of a mysterious food street! This street is certainly not small, several popular restaurant! The streets there hides a temper playfully spicy hot dingxiaojie crayfish!!! Wow, in front of or 3D holographic projection! This force grid… A look is not simple! Don’t say, hungry ah, hurry to eat crayfish. Miss Ding, when small spicy crayfish from Jiangsu crayfish, miss a secret touch treng ingredients the spicy crawfish taste can be used simply to describe what lies at the beautiful beautiful crayfish, can not bear the mouth ah Oh, taking advantage of the strong flavor of sesame oil, bite ah! FML, MA mouth crisp, spicy red ears want is the taste! In addition, in order to not eat spicy, spicy friends also taste the fresh crawfish they also prepared a garlic afraid of spicy crayfish! Be hot fly! Then try this one. She not only delicious seafood is delicious crayfish, look at this dish, adventurous! This skin – Pipi shrimp – not a snail snail so don’t clam clam – door – flower dish is Lo Lo need, how can poor environment!!! IPad said her absolute environmental "bigger enough" on the tall meal let you enjoy the taste at the same time, the same visual Cheong, Meng Meng Da feel! In addition to the store to do, Miss Ding is better in the network. The first network of Shenyang restaurant! WeChat has its own platform, complete the online meal ordering dishes, takeaway, fingertips crayfish to mouth! Talking about this, Xiao Bian had to mention the "Miss Ding" pure Chibian around 80 chowhound on both sides of the Changjiang River crayfish but not eat at home let people praise the authentic crawfish chowhound too much cruel ah so she decided since the house, Shenyang is the most original in crayfish is to do a music store playfully chowhound circle crayfish!!! Eat crayfish, we say a shop next to it in this shop, I don’t say the name, a name first secret shrimp smooth, fresh beef, duck blood, four characteristic pot you think what is the Hot pot! It sang a high wind, the house was eating Hot pot winter how can less it! General hot pot restaurant will not say what the family but from four相关的主题文章: