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Shanxi Xiangfen police to restore the "two cadre fights": for dog dispute – Sohu news Beijing, November 1 Linfen Xinhua (reporter Fan Lifang Qu Lixia) October 31st, the netizen posting said, Shanxi County of Xiangfen province Linfen City Environmental Protection Bureau, former director of the high and a family of three in the park around the world and a seven year old man. Upload two videos, causing social concern. 1, local police case investigation progress, because the two sides chasing a dog bite and dispute, triggering a tussle, both parties were injured, is currently being identified. 31, two, a director of the Xiangfen Environmental Protection Bureau of the original family of three Park beat seventy elderly video circulating on the network, video display, in the Fenhe river beside a written " housing construction supervision? " the words of the van, the two woman grabbed an old tear, and fan their ears a pet dog, bite the old man’s shoes, a law enforcement officer in Lycra, eventually, the old man was knocked to the ground, head fell on the roadside stone, a young woman kicked several feet after the old man was an elderly woman opened. 1 evening, local police issued a case investigation progress: October 29th at 17:40 am, Xiangfen County Public Security Bureau town police station received Xiangfen County Public Security Bureau police command center 110: Xiangfen Riverside Park was a fight, the police quickly went to the scene disposal. According to the fighting scene, the police decided to allow both sides to go to the hospital for treatment, waiting for treatment. In October 30th, the two sides fight has reported to the local police station, after preliminary investigation, accepted the public security case. After receiving the report, the police were to Linfen City People’s hospital asked the parties to a Huo Jun, Xiangfen County People’s hospital asked the parties to a high comfort, Riverside Park Management Center access to surveillance video, to witness the scene to conduct an investigation, at the same time, summoned the parties to fight a high and a giant wei. After investigation, Huo Jun, male, born in December 1942, Xiangfen County retired cadres; and a high, male, born in December 1961, Communist Party members, vice president of the Xiangfen branch of the Shanxi Cultural Studies; Wei was born in June 1962, a giant, a high war wife, is a teacher of Xiangfen middle school; high Shu, female, June 1992 a daughter was born, and high unemployment at home, graduated from university. In October 29th 5 pm, Huo Jun a cycling exercise after the county Riverfront Park East, met Wei and his daughter a giant high Shu two people take the dog for a walk, a giant Wei dog bite cycling two times passing by a Huo Huo Jun, wheel stop dogs, Gao Shu came up with a Huo Jun after a quarrel, a giant and a Huo Jun Wei, Gao Shu two tussle, Huo Jun a Gao Shu a left eye injury, high Shu, Wei Huo Jun will be a giant of a head injury, after a sit in the riverside park Jun Huo management center of the patrol car, Wei a giant called her husband a high war. A high War saw her daughter left eye, sitting in the patrol car and beaten to a Huo Jun questioned its face, a nose bleeding caused by Huo Jun. After the incident, the county Party committee and government leaders to make instructions to quickly find out the truth, according to law, timely response to social concerns. November 1st, Xia相关的主题文章: