Shanghai Yanan road traffic in the next year is expected to increase the operating speed of 5 (video-super bass

Shanghai Yanan road traffic in the bus next year trial operation is expected to enhance the speed of 5 yesterday was the "World Car Free Day", the city carried out in order to "take a step, the measurement of happiness — this is Shanghai" as the theme of the 2016 world car free day city public orienteering, from all walks of 210 people on behalf of the bus, subway, slow traffic and other green travel, propaganda "car free" concept, reduce air pollution, ease traffic congestion. Reporters learned from the Municipal Transportation Commission, Shanghai since last year to start the bus city since the creation of the 18 indicators have been completed ahead of the transit city to create goals. Yanan road public concern in the capacity of public transport will be put into trial operation in January next year, the bus speed is expected to increase 5, 18 to 19 kilometers per hour, the interval is shortened to 3 to 5 minutes, things to become a public traffic artery. As of the end of last year, Shanghai urban rail transit network completed. The total length of the first line of the whole network operation over 600 km, an increase of up to 617 km. "13th Five-Year" period, the city will continue to improve the rail transit network planning, and comprehensively promote the construction of 216 km line, involving 10 subway lines. By the end of 2020 the total mileage is expected to exceed 800 km. The future will continue to promote public transport network and rail network "two network integration", orbit around the site a radius of 50 meters 70.3% of the city’s bus line service, orbit around the site a radius of 100 meters in the 86.4% bus line service. Since 2013, the city’s total of 1028 bus routes optimization; to solve the public rail transit travel the last mile line reached 197, the average daily passenger services to more than 50 people. Shanghai this year, combined with rail transportation and hub construction, large residential communities (affordable housing base) development, supporting remote areas, urban and rural integration, continue to optimize the adjustment of bus lines. At present, bus group has been combined with the Puxi area 25 passenger corridor made Gongjiaoxianwang adjustment preliminary plan, Pudong bus is also actively carry out relevant combing, plans to complete the program to refine the work before the end of September. This year will continue to promote the last mile line service pilot. As of now, the city’s "last mile" line timetable listing service has completed 86, plans to complete before the end of September 41, before the end of December to complete the 61. "13th Five-Year" period will also improve the slow traffic facilities, strengthen the construction and management of public transportation and public development of space around the foot, non motor vehicle access and parking facilities, slow to protect the traffic space; in residential and commercial, business, cultural and creative industry agglomeration area, and gradually build a slow traffic system has a comfortable and pleasant the quality of the space environment and facilities. Bus lane construction is also continuing to promote. City Traffic Commission this year continued to promote the construction of bus lanes to 25 km road bridge (Pudong), Siping Road (Hongkou, Yangpu), Po Yang Road – Baoan (Baoshan) and Wuzhong Road (Xuhui, Minhang). In addition to Jinqiao Road has been completed by the Pudong New Area, the remaining three roads are planned to be completed or started in the second half of the year. After the traffic regulation, the role of bus lanes to play further, the morning and evening peak bus speed has been significantly improved相关的主题文章: