Shandong University to respond to tuition expensive tuition tuition is high where (video)-diying

Shandong University responded "expensive": million tuition is high which has just entered the school season, Shandong University because of "expensive" problem caused public concern, part of the professional tuition million more students call "can not afford school". In this regard, in September 9th, the reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the Shandong University, a response to the issue of social concern. It is understood that since September 2013, the reform of Shandong province credit pilot, Ocean University of China, Shandong University, pre selected Shandong Agricultural University, Shandong University of Technology, University of Jinan, Ludong University, Qiingdao University, 7 University pilot, according to the selected tuition credits. According to the policy, the credit system charges to implement the two system billing, student tuition fees by the professional registration fees and credits of two parts. Professional registration fees according to the actual students in school year income credits tuition by collecting credit course. Software engineering professional registration fee of up to 8250 yuan, what is special? Shandong University as one of the first credit charge reform of universities, according to the "Shandong Provincial Department of education on the Shandong University for charging to the credit system of the letter", "on the Shandong Province Higher Education Charges Reform Opinions" and other policy documents, has issued the "Shandong University scientific management regulations" and other series of documents, and from the students of grade 2013 since the implementation of the credit system management fees. The reporter learned that, since 2013, "Shandong University freshmen payment notice" clearly in the publicity of Alexander every professional tuition standard, including the standard basic length, basic credit, credit fees (credit), professional registration fees standard (yuan year). Corresponding to this, the school finance department according to the educational administration department after the publicity of credit data collection of credit tuition. In the mountains of the professional fees, software engineering professional registration fee of 8250 yuan, plus credit tuition, a year over 10000, causing many students do not understand. Shandong University responded that "software engineering is a professional demonstration of national software park, the standard fee is according to the Shandong Provincial Price Bureau, the office of the Finance Department of Shandong price No. [2002]273 and the Shandong Provincial People’s Government Office Lu No. [2003]63 provides that" the computer software school of high school is the starting point for full-time undergraduate tuition for 12000 yuan students’." If the credit system charges according to the conversion of words, (150 credits ÷ 4 years) × $100 credits +8250 first year of =12000 yuan, and the school year system charges the same. Also controversial is the charge of science and technology of international education, about 20 thousand a year in tuition for some students can’t afford to call "". It is understood that Alexander Sino foreign joint venture school tuition standard is in accordance with the notice "on improving Sino foreign cooperative education fees management policies to promote innovation and development of the school" (Lu price [2015]93) in the implementation of standards, science and medicine professional sports students 15000 yuan year, 22000 yuan students majoring in art school, other professional 12000 yuan graduate academic year. In addition, the school can be classified according to the type of school, the cooperation of the country, professional characteristics, the quality of school, etc.相关的主题文章: