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In September five the foreign trade policy landing fee minus   positive phase of import and export enterprises — Finance — September five foreign trade enterprises in the implementation of the policy landing fee reduction reduction selective tariffs import and export tax favorable, also need to revise and improve the supporting – reporter Su Shiyu according to the "Securities Daily" reporter statistics on the relevant procedures, September 1st will there are five items involved in the development of foreign trade policies or regulations, respectively "export refund (Exemption) enterprise tax classification management measures", expand the domestic selective tariffs and processing trade after the approval of the pilot (account), fill in the book of change way the competent commerce department to cancel the processing trade contract approval and implementation of the national customs tariffs, "1" the implementation of these policies will affect China’s import and export enterprises. Over the past 3 years, the State Council issued a total of policies to promote the steady growth of foreign trade documents, and the other on the foreign cultural trade, the implementation of the FTA strategy and other aspects of the work is also involved in foreign trade in the 4 aspects of the work of foreign trade and other aspects of the work of foreign trade and other aspects of the work of foreign trade and other aspects of the work of foreign trade and other aspects of the work of foreign trade and other aspects of the work of foreign trade and other aspects of the. These policy documents adhere to the combination of distance, both focus on steady growth, but also focus on adjusting the structure, turn way, foster new competitive advantages of foreign trade. Since September 1st the implementation of the "export tax refund (Exemption) enterprise classification management approach", the implementation of differentiated management and service measures for export enterprises. A new way to further refine the classification and export enterprise standards, through the tax credit level, tax compliance, net assets of a Yinggang Gang, the export refund (Exemption) tax enterprises are divided into four categories. Experts told the "Securities Daily" said in an interview with reporters, the new approach focuses on the tube, the tax authorities will provide convenient services for export enterprises at the same time, continue to strengthen the audit checks and post assessment check in advance, and implement dynamic adjustment of management category according to the law abiding integrity of business, let more enterprises enjoy to an enterprise of export tax rebate convenience, 90% export tax rebate rebate will significantly speed up the enterprise audit. In addition, the Ministry of finance, the General Administration of customs, the State Administration of Taxation to promote the expansion of domestic selective tariff policy pilot will be implemented from September 1st. The pilot, domestic selective tariff policy extended to Tianjin, Shanghai, Fujian, Guangdong 4 FTA test area in the province (city) region of the other (except for special supervision of the customs bonded logistics park, bonded zone), and the Henan Xinzheng Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Hubei Wuhan export processing zone, Chongqing comprehensive free trade Zone, Sichuan Xiyong Chengdu and Shaanxi hi tech comprehensive bonded zone Xi’an export processing zone 5 areas under special customs supervision. Southwest Securities, an analyst said that the selective tariff is a preferential tax policy given to the pilot area FTA test area, but also the core of the innovation of the customs regulatory system. But it will be on the customs tax administration work put forward new challenges, because the implementation of selective tariffs, the need for supporting to revise and improve the relevant procedures, to achieve the convenience of enterprise management, reduce the risk of customs supervision and convenient customs on-site operation as the goal, and ultimately achieve the purpose of making policies. "The next step, the Ministry of Commerce will work with various departments and localities to further sort out the policy has been introduced, for the weak links in foreign trade, focusing on key work, in order to catch traces of iron, stepping stone相关的主题文章: