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September 8th gold news at a glance: mutual China Internet Finance Association official website and micro signal Chinese officially unveiled the Internet Finance Association official website and micro signal officially unveiled the evening of September 7th, Chinese Internet Financial Association official website () has been on-line test run. At the same time, the official WeChat officially unveiled. According to sources, the official website of the association will be formally launched on September 8th. [Phoenix WEMONEY] my future network was seized in Hebei and more monthly income of up to 30% recently, according to Hebei province from the media news, Shijiazhuang, Dingzhou and other places of the "future" and "my future life supermarket" several naming shops, by the Public Security Bureau seized. Shandong Weifang financial risk prevention and control office has sent a letter, saying "my future network" to take affiliate business, buy the site members with high price of commodity market price of more than three times, 36 days after the return of 90% to 100% shopping sites, there is a huge potential risks. CNR network has also reported that my future network suspected Ponzi scheme. Shenzhen Golden Phoenix WEMONEY] [in response to a public official chamber of mutual communication within the Department of letter Internet financial documents of the Shenzhen chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce led to a public discussion, exclusive response: spread of advice letter Shenzhen Market Supervision Bureau to suspend Department accident information reporting "notice" out of the letter and this is just the normal communication, not confrontation supervision. For some of the joint declaration was represented, the chamber of Commerce expressed respect for freedom of expression. Xuanhan County of Sichuan province [] blue whale media family rental intermediary monthly interbank bill chaos 600 thousand contract sample court public judicial documents show that in July 2014, the agency notes Xiong found when Xuanhan Cheng Min village bank marketing director Wang and Governor Wu, the profit of 7:3 into the form of a partnership or a monthly 600 thousand yuan package off the bill business. In this regard, the banking industry, said: opened in different places in the same industry, rural banks, small agricultural firms, the city is the largest problem. Although these institutions are small, but an independent legal person, with the establishment of the same industry and the acceptance of the bill and discount business qualifications." [21 Century Business Herald] pay licence bid 500 million yuan a year over 10 times due to regulatory penalties, credit card rates reform such as multiple strikes, the third party payment institutions increasingly difficult to survive. Recently, the market set off a wave of payment license transfer, a license directly bid 500 million yuan, according to industry sources, the price compared to last year rose by a factor of 10. [Beijing Commercial Daily] Shandong platform E loan illegal fund-raising 26 million responsible person was sentenced to 4 years in Zibo recently, Boshan District People’s court to the crime of illegal deposits from the public, law judgment defendant Zhu, Hu in four years and six months, four years in prison. Two people use the P2P network lending illegal fund-raising to more than 2600, resulting in 202 investment losses of more than 640 million registered users. [] to purge the Qilu Evening News campus loan platform have the transition to seek alternative market in September 7th, Guangzhou Internet Financial Association issued the "notice" on the norms of the campus network lending business, including "no relaxation of the borrower’s qualifications, the authenticity of the information, the loan repayment ability, use and other aspects of the audit shall be" in any form to conceal]相关的主题文章: