See how they are right to give advice to the government work

See how they "correct" comments to the original title of the government work report: Forum anecdote Author: Li Kangxing   source: public, "Kang Kan talk" Congress once every five years, is rare, Congress and CPPCC meeting once a year, is frequent. All the work of the General Assembly report, prior to solicit opinions, one is to promote democracy, is willing to take advice; two opinions in advance, get free will put up the influence of harmony. Therefore, at the end of each year, the NPC and CPPCC, the government, the court and the procuratorate work report, finance and so on, come in a throng. Such comments forum, I participated in numerous eye-opening. Say something interesting to share with you. "Do Hand-Pulled Noodle first entrainment contraband" first experience, we make concerted efforts to do "Lanzhou Hand-pulled Noodles". Representatives from various departments of the front line, always like to put their work into the report hard plug. For example, the trade union representative said, I think the work report should further emphasize the work of trade unions. The Federation’s representative said that there are a few highlights of our work last year, should be reflected in the report; representative office said, now made a significant contribution to the construction of the city civil air defense work, written on the recommendations of the report; on behalf of scientific research and innovation, we support funding behind brothers in the city, it is proposed to solve the this issue in the work report, and so on, I heard the scalp. Although I think the delegates have the right to reflect the problems and achievements of their own departments, but also to speak the truth, it makes sense. However, if these views zhaodanquanshou, work report will become a "hodgepodge", to set down a series of facts? There are key points, there are characteristics? Moreover, this work together to add the content for the report, did not write more, become "Lanzhou Hand-pulled Noodles". Today I reveal the insider outsider understand, why work report is always so long, often consisting of tens of thousands of words, the speaker read and listen to the report, the final report yanyanyushui, the effect is not good. Not to forget, but forget on the spot. I do not know when this situation can change? The second most profound feelings of the modified opinion are all sorts of wonderful speeches at the forum. A wonderful, a representative of each statement is saying: "this is good work report: one is well written, two is good, three is well done." He does not speak be arranged "Miyoshi", but his only "good": praise for leadership, praised the more than and 20 minutes, estimated leadership ultra resistant, won’t get goosebumps. Five minutes to talk about the difficulties and requirements of their own units, ask the superior care support. The "three +" speech method, common and popular, has more carry forward. Fantastic two, some delegates are punctuation experts. This is a page that speak good gas, a row of punctuation played right heart remedy. The staff according to his tips with flip, sound spectacular, won bursts of praise: "look really carefully!". I was particularly impressed by the report, he said in the stressed words and sentences should be used for. I thought, according to the practice, the report did not sigh Hao相关的主题文章: