Scammers use shopping refund tricks to lure elderly Dingyuan County hundred celebrities cheated liuxiaobo

Scammers use shopping refund tricks to lure elderly Dingyuan County hundred celebrities cheated a victim with a buy from there are common liar liar routine in Xin’an Anhui Evening News Network (News) to send a small gift as a means to expand influence in the local, with "shopping refund" step by step to lure the elderly, when the old people buy "luxury" items, the group organized by Not the least trace was found. disappear. In late August, Dingyuan County, nearly 100 old man fell into the crook pre dug pit, but MoGaoYiChe DaoGaoYiZhang, this group of swindlers was eventually arrested by Dingyuan police. One morning the hotel activities in late August at 4 o’clock, Dingyuan county a hotel in the popular "bursting", even the aisles are packed with the elderly, and the elderly outside Everfount coming in, the hotel staff too busy to attend to all. It turns out that these old people are coming to a 10 day event. What kind of activities will be held at 4 o’clock in the morning, but also attracted so many old people? Originally, the old man two days ago to see the streets distributing leaflets, said the day to hold the "health education", here is more important, as long as there are gifts to participate in activities. On the day of the "lecture", a so-called "health experts" to the old people about health care knowledge, let the old people feel good, 7 o’clock in the morning after the end of the old people really got noodles, soap, egg and other gifts. For three days so that old people have more affection for this group of young people to organize activities, the lecture will have a free gift, the news of twenty hundred, more and more elderly people were attracted by the. The old man step by step when sending three days, the event organizers began to introduce the products, are dozens of yuan, one hundred or two hundred yuan of products, and tell the old people, the purchase of products will have a "gift". Cheated Aunt Zhang told the Xin’an evening news yesterday, Anhui network reporter, activities for third days, the organizers gave her a card, say how much money to buy things back how much money. The old people try to hold the right enough, but the recommended products more expensive. "At the beginning, all this money goes away on the same day, that is, we can get a product without spending money." Zhang aunt said, and then changed to second days refund, activities of goods from hundreds of Yuan forward "thousand yuan mark"". Many elderly people worry that the original deceived did not dare to buy, and later found that although a day later but still can continue to refund, gradually lay down the last trace of alert. The seventh day, the organizers claim out of bottom pressure products, a "made in Korea" health care pillow, the value of 2900 yuan, the old people have been shot, but the organizers withdrew 300 yuan after a person was gone. In August 28th, more than 80 old people felt cheated and rushed to the police. The two cheats all arrested after receiving the alarm, Dingyuan police task force set up joint operations by police, long-range raid 200 kilometers, in cooperation with the police in Mengcheng, successfully destroyed two to elderly victims of fraud gangs, gang members arrested 15 people. Police involved in the investigation of the whole case Feng Zaisheng told reporters, this way

骗子用买物退款招数引诱老人 定远县近百名人被骗 一位受害人拎着从骗子那里购买的产品 骗子的常见套路   新安晚报 安徽网()讯 先以送小礼物为手段在当地扩大影响,再以“买物退款”步步引诱老人,最终当老人们购买“高档”物品后,举办活动的那群人消失得无影无踪。8 月下旬,定远县近百老人跌入骗子事先挖好的“坑”,然而魔高一尺道高一丈,这伙骗子最终被定远警方抓获。   凌晨酒店办活动   8 月下旬的一天凌晨4 点多钟,定远县一座宾馆内人气“爆棚”,甚至连走道上都挤满了老人,外面还源源不断还有老年人往里进,宾馆工作人员应接不暇。原来,这些老年人都是来参加一个为期10 天的活动。   什么样的活动要在凌晨4 点钟举办,还吸引了这么多老人?原来,这些老人两天前看到街头散发的宣传单,称当日要在这里举办“健康课”讲座,更重要的是,只要来参加活动都有礼物赠送。   在当天的“讲座”中,一位所谓的“健康专家”向老人们讲述了医疗保健等知识,让老人们感觉良好,早上7 点讲座结束后,老人们确实领到了面条、肥皂、鸡蛋等礼物。   一连三天如此,老人们对举办活动的这群年轻人有了进一步好感,听讲座就有免费礼物拿,消息一传十十传百,越来越多的老人被吸引了过来。   老人一步步上当   送了三天东西,活动举办方开始介绍产品,开始介绍的都是几十元、一两百元的产品,并告诉老人们,购买产品都会有“好礼”赠送。被骗的张阿姨昨天告诉新安晚报、安徽网记者,活动第三天,举办方给她一张卡,说买多少钱东西就退多少钱。老人们一试果然如此,不过举办方推荐的产品越来越贵。   “开始这些钱都是当天就退,也就是说我们不花钱就能得到一件产品。”张阿姨说,后来又改成第二天退款,做活动的商品也由数百元迈进“千元大关”。原来不少老人担心上当受骗没敢买,后来发现虽然推迟一天但还是能继续退钱,渐渐放下最后一丝警觉。   第七天,举办方自称拿出“压箱底”的产品,一款“韩国制造”的保健枕,价值2900 元,老人们纷纷出手,然而主办方退了300 元后,就一个人影都不见了。8 月28 日,感觉上当的80 余位老人们赶紧报警。   两伙骗子全落网   接到报警后,定远警方成立专案组,由多警种联合作战,长途奔袭200 公里,在蒙城警方的配合下,成功打掉两个以中老年人为侵害对象的诈骗团伙,抓获团伙成员15 人。全程参与侦办此案的民警冯再胜告诉记者,这15 人同属于江苏东台籍,分别属于两个不同诈骗团伙,此次他们是联合作案。   冯再胜就该案向记者做了剖析,一步步揭开骗子的招数。他说,骗子所送的礼物并不像他们所说那么贵,其中很多都是“三无产品”。虽然目前嫌疑人还没有交代这些产品的真实价格,但今年5 月马鞍山一起类似诈骗案件的嫌疑人王某交代,做这行销售的产品都是市场上见不到的,比如一床被子,也许只值五六十元,标价却是4980 元。   “骗子的招数是一环接一环的,就是利用人们爱贪小便宜的心理,不断通过心理暗示,让老人一步步走进骗局。”冯再胜说。   新安晚报、安徽网记者 叶素健摄影报道相关的主题文章: