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The sale of 9.98-14.78 million new X80 listed FAW Pentium – Sohu automobile Sohu [new car] new Pentium X80 in September 23rd officially listed, the new car follows the old models of 1.8T and 2.0L two powertrain, and also introduced different designs of seven models, the guidance price of 9.98-14.78 million, in December 31st before the Car Buying can enjoy 5000 yuan purchase tax subsidies. Although according to the official title, the new car was named the new Pentium X80, but in fact, to change models, mainly for the appearance and interior design adjustments. · picture the scene driving more Silk Road [delivery ceremony] [Photo] · guests leadership models; explain the new Pentium X80 body size is 46201820 1695mm, wheelbase 2675mm. Appearance, the car in front after the redesign, the ordinary version of the model three spoke chrome grille cross style, sports version of the model with a black honeycomb grille; the headlight for the design of open eye type, equipped with a LED lamp, the tail of the car compared to the old models have also been adjusted, with bilateral double exhaust system. Interior part, the new Pentium X80 console is U chrome trim throughout, equipped with three spoke multifunction steering wheel, instrument design is more concise. Control layout change, suspension design of LCD screen with the bottom of the screen, equipped with multimedia control panel and the panel of the air conditioner, and equipped with electronic handbrake. Power, the new Pentium X80 equipped with 1.8T turbocharged and naturally aspirated 2.0L two engines, which 2.0L engine maximum power 108kW, peak torque of 184 cattle · m, while the 1.8T engine maximum power of 137kW, peak torque of 235 cattle · meters. Transmission, the engine is matched with 6 speed manual or 6 speed automatic transmission. Editorial: look after the adjustment, the Pentium X80 has a more concise face shape, "the design of open eye" to enhance the sense of fashion; the interior 8 inch suspension type multimedia display support CarPlay and CarLife mobile phone Internet application technology configuration also keep up with the times. The only regret is not to upgrade the power system, for the independent compact SUV, 1.5T is a more popular displacement, not only to enjoy the policy favor, but also to a certain extent to reduce the price, enhance competitiveness.相关的主题文章: