Russian research and development of new missiles hit the aircraft carrier high altitude range of tho-3u8813

The development of new Russian missile hit the aircraft at high altitude and high speed range of thousands of kilometers of data figure: Russian bombers "backfire" suspension "Kh-32" anti-ship missile picture exposure original title: Russia is another way to attack the carrier of new cruise missile troops in Moscow in August 30, Xinhua (reporter Hai Luan) "low, low" — this is the national most cruise missile in flight altitude target pursuit. However, a is developed by Russian supersonic cruise missile is another way to high altitude and high speed, the subduction strike "mode of the main enemy aircraft carrier. According to the Russian military "Star" television website reported that the new cruise missile model Kh – 32, the development of manufacturing design bureau located in Dubna near Moscow, the "Rainbow" machine. At present, the research and development of the missile is coming to an end, the Russian military experts believe that this technology has a high level of technical integrity. The media quoted military · Russia "website editor Kerr Neff said, carried by the map 22M3 strategic bombers Kh 32 missiles, not like most cruise missiles that after launch rapidly decreased to less than 10 meters from the surface or from the ground 10 meters high degree of cruise flight, in order to avoid enemy radar reach the target detection. Kh – 32 missile in the ignition, it will first climb up and fly to the earth’s atmosphere above the stratosphere in the stratosphere, in the distance from the surface of 40 kilometers, the level of cruise flight. The missile can fly up to 5400 kilometers per hour, about 4.4 times the speed of sound. For such high altitude flying objects, many surface and ground air defense radar is difficult to determine its exact position. Close to the target, the missile will Kh32 with respect to the great angle of ground dive, breakthrough Antiaircraft Firepower network from attack. As far as it can hit the target, and the missile base distance up to 1000 km. Kh – 32 missile attack aircraft carrier and its escort fleet list, Marine Corps, naval base, radar station and the landing clutter radar jamming site, power stations and bridges and other facilities. Nicola ·, former Russian aviation experts bomber pilots; Baranov in "Star" television website wrote, Kh 32 on missile inertial guidance at the same time, but also to use its search for enemy radar seeker, without satellite navigation guidance. When multiple Kh – 32 missiles fly together, they can transmit guidance information to each other in order to get more accurate. In addition, because the Kh32 missile has a unique flight path and angle of attack, the U.S. aircraft in the interceptor missile launch often AIM7 sparrow air-to-air missiles, AIM9 Sidewinder air-to-air missile, airborne Vulcan cannon and anti-aircraft missiles are difficult to be destroyed. The development process of Kh32 missile has been very mysterious. Its development began in the early 90s of last century, the first test has been about 10 years ago. In 2013, a Russian bombers plug the missile in the vicinity of Moscow Zhukovsky airport flight, there have been several photos out.相关的主题文章: