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UnCategorized A dark yet poignant time in American history the Civil War has intrigued many people since it was fought in the 1860’s. Among the more prominent battles that shaped the out.e of the war is the Battle of Manassas. Meeting in Manassas Virginia on July 21, 1861, the first battle of Bull Run Manassas has been of interest to history buffs for generations. Reenacting the troop gatherings and strategic strongholds of the Confederate and Union armies the books recounts the events of the battle have been .piled by a true history buff. Depicting the landmarks where campaigns were waged and telling the story of how and where the two armies clashed together, the pictorial history illustrates the events of the battle with great detail. As the area where the battle was waged has be.e a national park, the battlefield has been preserved and continues to be a destination for anyone that has studied the Civil War. Referring to the aerial photographs that are taken by modern satellites as well as the actual preserved images that were captured by the technology of the day, historians have put together an accurate journal of the events that unfolded during the course of the fighting. Pinpointing where the two generals and their troops were staged the book is filled with full color illustrations and black and white photos of the men who fought and died in the Battle of Manassas. Recounting the story with great detail the book contains more than 500 illustrations and 82 satellite images of the area. For historians to .pare and contrast the area as it appears today with how it looked in 1861, the book is a priceless addition to their library. Each of the officers is also brought back to life inside the pages of the remarkable collection of the photos and images that tells of the first battle of Bull Run in Summary. With the record of each uniformed .mander denoting their individual achievements in military training, their rank, age and place of birth the chronicle of the battle is an account that is worthy of any collection of memorabilia that adheres to the Civil War. With the pictorial history recounting a minute by minute guide of how the battle raged on throughout the day the stories of Bull Run continue to live in. Capturing the heroic actions of men fighting on either side of the conflict the historical accuracy of the book meets with the records that are recorded in journals and stories of the men who lived through the day. Adding personal accounts from his own ancestry that was engaged in the warfare, the author is presenting a .prehensive chronicle that every Civil War enthusiast would be proud to have in their archives. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: