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| Red Star over China ICANN will affect the new pattern of global network space! What is ICANN technology now? Just watch from ICANN, mix like a very complex and grotesque. Enter some venue, like entering the United Nations, after all ICANN more than and 170 countries sent representatives; some similar venue, all over the world fan club, a great place for young people and active voice; some of the venue, like Hacker conference, technical men are research techniques and terminology; some of the venue, gathering national academic circles. Of course, some old a gathering of many people; participants, such as what is for dinner, in charge of the institution is the guest of the minister, "leaders" of course the most highlight posture; global conference venue, agents belong to the Registrar, check how to better carry out the domain name business, how to make the business negotiation, pragmatic and attention. However, no matter how imperfect the ICANN is now, how it is not ideal, it is unique, because in the global network governance, there is no better than the earth, it is more perfect and ideal institutions. What’s more, the importance of ICANN is not its past and present, but its future. The barracks of the soldiers, the past and present of all the participants, no matter what is the role of what jobs are always just ICANN growth process and the transition phase of the traveler. ICANN points to the possibility of the future is the key to everything! So, run the venue, listen carefully, do a good student. · END · WeChat number: takes the observation to the journey review: "Red Star over China | start a new journey in cyberspace research"; Red Star ICANN is so | meeting in India; Red Star over China on the seven day of the ICANN | written on the eve of the meeting; westbound ICANN Conference officially opened | diffuse note: China gorgeous community appearance!相关的主题文章: