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The cut recruitment: tell you not to have the opportunity to cut kidney iPhone7 technology – Sohu iPhone7 last night broke his 10 highlights: 1) design is more delicate, color selection more than more than a bright black also called more colors? Well before the deep blue sky? And only more than 128G to support the bright black, which is bound to be a loaded color. 2) the main function keys for a new design, and internal engine work together like never find the keys to thrill 3) iPhone7 iPhone7 plus is waterproof and dustproof 4) camera upgrade camera feeling is really great, but please note that only iPhone 7 Plus can enjoy the dual camera upgrade. However, Chinese friends have seen everything. 5) display brightness to increase by 25%, to provide a wider color. 6) stereo speakers, the volume of more than twice as big as iPhone6 remember those years, we have used a large voice phone? 7) using the lightning headset but this is still not solve the problem of charging can not listen to music! 8 audio equipment and mobile phone wireless connection, launched Airpod hmmm finally solved the problem I want to listen to music charging. But I can’t afford to buy it. Before maishen buy a mobile phone, now have to sell blood to buy headset. 9) Apple Pay upgrade, increase the felica technology so that an increase in support of the Japanese payment function. 10) update the A10 Fusion processor used no spring 2016 flagship mobile phone explosion red red street patting with Xiaolong 820 processor, apple pill! Apple conference is like Spring Festival Gala, we have to Tucao every year, but every year will be concerned about. This issue of the newly released iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus although the slot full, but I know you still want to try. Then come to the Sohu column! If you are: 1 learning or engaged in electronic engineering, acoustics and other aspects of the work of 2 or in the mobile phone system, UI and other aspects of the 3 professional or professional photographer, taking pictures of each mobile phone is about 4 have experience of relevant evaluation, will you use professional knowledge test results and published in the you can get in the Sohu of media platforms: evaluation article 1 once the first demo the new iPhone opportunity 2 souvenirs will be late 3 Sohu platform vigorously promote and support 4 if you write well, you have the opportunity to obtain the new always the right to use iPhone! Yes, it is! Activity arrangement: scale: 10 people sign up link: http: K 02YRYX8H at the same time pay attention to Sohu technology WeChat: zhongcailan.相关的主题文章: