Recalling the memory of the martyrs namchow mechanic commemorative activities held in Beijing –

"Recalling the memory of the martyrs namchow mechanic" commemorative activities held – Beijing News Agency in Beijing in November 14, Beijing (Fu Qiang) 14, "recalling namchow mechanic memory of the martyrs" — to the sacrifice of the martyrs of the war in China presented wreaths ceremony people’s Anti Japanese War Memorial hall. 78 years ago, more than three thousand overseas Chinese, in response to the call of Toshibu Shigeyo, which left the Burma Road transport supplies, with life, protect the blood war "lifeline" unimpeded, for China people’s Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war and made a great contribution. In Yunnan Province, namchow mechanic and household association president Xu Hongji, Secretary Wang Ping, the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Yunnan Province Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Director Yang Yanping, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Shi Lichen as a representative to the war heroes presented blue flowers, 40 young pioneers namchow mechanic dependents wearing red scarf. Xu Hongji said, namchow mechanic spirit is the spiritual wealth of Chinese nation, should better inherit and carry forward. One side is an easy and comfortable life, while the fire of the hustle and bustle of the battlefield, namchow mechanic did not hesitate to choose the latter, and never regret it, "Xu Hongji said," the best memory of the parents is to put their feelings into the national heritage, Wei Dafu Xing China dream". Namchow mechanic Association vice president Xu Yongtai and his father at the end of the war in Yunnan. "When I was a child did not understand what her father did, do not understand why he should abandon Malaysia’s family rushed to the battlefield. As an adult, learned namchow mechanic deeds in many ways, realize the great father". Xu Yongtai said that today came to the memorial hall of the war of resistance against Japan, think of his father was also a member of the great ranks of the war of resistance against Japan, the pride of the heart, it is difficult to use language". In the activity, calligraphy works of Shi Lichen also on behalf of the Beijing Municipal Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of overseas Chinese, South Memorial gift academicians, returned overseas Chinese Mr. Wu Liangyong’s hand written "Chinese blood". It is understood that Mr. Wu Liangyong worked in 1944-1945 enlisted in the China expeditionary force in Burma battle with the Japanese, that the namchow mechanic dependents to Beijing, personally written "Chinese blood" gift. (end)相关的主题文章: