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"Real man" 2 "air force" theme concept poster shock Episode [Abstract] Hunan TV "real man" second season today shock first concept poster poster design concept, and "real man" second main season "air force" theme fit, clouds shrouded converging to "2016.". Show logo poster Tencent Hunan TV entertainment news "real man" second season today shock first concept poster poster design concept, and "real man" second main season "air force" theme fit, clouds shrouded together into "2016" words, distant mountains, aircraft through the clouds, a "sky" the lofty sentiments and aspirations. It is understood that China jointly produced by the people’s Liberation Army Air Force political center of art of TV and Hunan TV’s original large national defense education special program "real man" second quarter · air force paper to be released blood. The program chose 8 different male and female character label star, in-depth front-line troops in the various branches of the armed forces air force experience 5 times 3 days and 2 nights of real experience with the young barracks, soldiers ate together with training, see how they experience has become a real "air force fighter". "Real man" in the first quarter after the Hunan satellite TV broadcast, the program passed the military valuable quality, reshape the image of the hero, planted in the hearts of the public hero dream. The program not only opened the camp of mystery, to show the people’s Liberation Army Chinese modern military and military style play, more in the program in the science of knowledge of national defense education, reflects the positive transfer of patriotic education and national defense education to the audience, netizens have also praised the show is the "burning" in the history of the program. The program is to help the national conscription career, the 2015 annual national recruitment of about 4700000 people, representing an increase of 25%, of which 30% college students enrollment growth, greatly enhance the quality of manpower proportion. Many recruits said to be affected by the real man to join the army. From last year to this year’s Fengyi Zhang Baoqiang Wang Yang Misun Yang, "real man" program selected guests are positive energy image of the artist’s health, dare to challenge their own Yang Mi have good performance in all aspects, and the soldier from childhood dream of Liyan Tong this time is a huge burst of energy, Sun Yang will be the Olympic Games champion style water into the barracks, domineering him on land performance is surprising, as an boy Huang Zitao, as Jiang Jinfu’s fitness, courteous and accessible village Li Rui, hard Shen Mengchen, Zhang blueheart has a proud legs not only combat burst table, in the program also has a surprise continuously, unexpected performance. According to reports, "real man" during the second season, eight guests every day in a variety of training in the army, will experience numerous test and assessment, we are able to endure hardship, and very hard, every Air Force recruits is the performance of loop point. However, the program group, said the details and content is not convenient to disclose, please look forward to the broadcast of the Hunan satellite TV "real man" in the second quarter. "Real man" inside the funniest part of the groove, see a laugh cry once.相关的主题文章: