Primary school students do not actively answer the text was fined 20 times while copying and crying-9c8947

Primary school students do not actively answer is to copy the text 20 times while crying to copy the original title: too much homework first copy the text 20 times Guangyuan primary side copy operation on the left side crying tears for 10 days, Ms. Wang who lives in the old city of Guangyuan to the Huaxi City Reader reporter report, the 10 year old nephew came back from school always on the homework, write 9 at night is not finished, the child tears while writing. It turned out that the same day the teacher in charge of the teacher to give the children a special arrangement of homework, to go home to copy a text of the text of a paragraph, to copy 20 times. 10 year old parents reflect the children doing their homework until 9 at night while writing Ms. Wang’s nephew Xiao Ming (a pseudonym) who read the fifth grade in a primary school in Guangyuan District, with the usual school, Xiaoming home start writing homework. But the work has not yet finished writing 9 points, I went to see him, thought it was hard work, he can not write." Ms. Wang told reporters that the original work is to write a small text. Copy the text is the most simple homework, but why Xiaoming has not finished? See Ms. Wang to see their homework, Xiao Ming tears poured out. It turned out that this is the teacher to the students in the class of special assignments. The teacher felt that some of our students do not actively answer questions, let us come back to copy the first paragraph of the text, copy 20 times." Xiao Ming said, not every student to copy, but some students, about more than and 30 to copy. Xiaoming picked edge tears, the tears have been stained, watching the children like the poor, the teacher Ms. Wang think this approach is wrong, the child class does not actively answer questions, teachers should according to different children take different measures to guide, let the children to write 20 times, not necessarily to improve children’s interest, even may cause resentment on this subject, more learning, she hope that teachers will adopt more effective measures to guide the children to. The teacher responded by writing the copy is very beautiful let the students recite this reporter found Xiaoming’s class teacher Yang, Ms. Wang to let the children to write 20 times to reflect the situation, Yang did not deny. Miss Yang is the class teacher, is also a Chinese teacher. Engaged in the cause of education for 16 years, has been teaching in rural schools, two years ago before passing the test into the school. Ability to work is also very good, parents and school leaders recognized. Miss Yang told reporters Huaxi City reader, usually there are some classes when the child class is not active, she has been a headache. Some time ago and a parent exchange, the parents told her that he checks the child’s work is the main way to let the child copy, multi copy several times, the child naturally back down, parents are also easy to check. On the same day, the class went to a school called "bridge people," the article, is an essay, written very beautiful, she wanted the children to be able to recite. Just don’t have much homework, let the children go home copying 20 times. For their own practice, Yan相关的主题文章: