Pirates hijacked 10 Chinese sailors returned home with Taiwan compatriots, including 1-isobuster

Pirates hijacked 10 Chinese crew members returned home with a total of 1 Taiwan compatriots rescued by the crew of the United States in the United States to assist the relevant agencies arrived in Kenya on 23, 26. Figure IC JINGWAH Oriental Times News (reporter Pan Shanju) yesterday, the reporter learned from the Ministry of foreign affairs, hijacked by Somali pirates after 4 and a half years Oman from Taiwan fishing boat No. NAHAM3 rescued 26 crew, 9 China crew including a Taiwan crew, local time 24 days, in the diplomatic work department of escort group from Nairobi to go home. Another person to stay in Nairobi for treatment. According to reports, rescued 1 crew members Shen Ruizhang Taiwan, according to their wishes and their families will be entrusted with the mainland crew with the machine from the capital of Nairobi, Kenya, returned to Guangzhou from the family back to taiwan. A day earlier, the 10 hijacked Chinese crew arrived in Nairobi with the assistance of the United Nations agencies, including 9 mainland compatriots, Taiwan compatriots, 1. Together with 16 other crew members from other Asian countries. "In this regard, the Chinese government to all involved in the rescue of institutions and staff to express my sincere gratitude, but also to express their heartfelt blessing to the rescued crew." Hua Chunying, the foreign ministry, said. – ask why the hijacking of 4 and a half years to be resolved? Ministry of Foreign Affairs: crew life has been placed on the first Somali pirates hijacked a fishing boat incident why after 4 and a half years to be resolved? Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang responded that "people-oriented, diplomacy for the people" is the consistent aim of the Chinese government. China has been hijacked crew’s life safety in the first place. As we all know, it is never easy to rescue the hostages. Ensuring the safety of the hostages as a top priority will make the rescue work more complicated and difficult. "But I believe that through this event, we can see that no matter how hard it is, no matter how much patience, Chinese government has the greatest determination, do everything possible to bring our compatriots home. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all the organizations and personnel involved in the rescue." > > background link event time second pirates hijacked long "NAHAM3" fishing boat in March 2012, on the island of East Africa in the southern waters of the Seychelles hijacked by Somali pirates, 10 mainland compatriots, 2 Taiwan compatriots 29 crew on board, there are 17 crew members from Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kampuchea the. In the meantime, including 1 mainland compatriots, including Taiwan compatriots, including 3 crew members died in the accident. The rest of the crew was taken hostage. To rescue the hijacked crew so far has been held hostage by pirates for 1672 days, is always the second long time hijacked hostages. "NAHAM3" was also the last merchant ship hijacked by pirates during the period of rampant piracy. Somali pirates and the longest time of the hijacking, was hijacked in April 18, 2010, a Chinese fishing boat in Taiwan, a total of 24 crew members on board. 6 crew members were killed during the hijacking, and the crew of the 14 Burma were rescued in May 2011. It was not until February 2015 that the last 4 crew members on board were released from Thailand,.相关的主题文章: