Philippine said the Philippines on the island of Huangyan to reach an understanding of the

Philip said the Philippines Huangyan island to reach an understanding to advocate constant – Sohu Philippine military channel Global Times reported: "the Philippines Huangyan Island fishing a friendly understanding", Agence France-Presse said in October 31st, Philippine President Duthel Te’s national security adviser Esperon said on that day, Duthel Te’s visit to China, the Philippines and the leaders of the two countries to negotiate related although there is no problem, but the president signed the relevant agreement, believe that the Philippine fishermen will no longer be blocked. Esperon said, "Chinese maritime police vessel was still in Huangyan, but the navy have been evacuated, the situation become more friendly". Esperon said that the Philippines in the negotiations did not give up their own on the island of Huangyan Chinese demands, insisting that the country has "historical rights to Huang Yandao". Mr Duthel Te’s position is that Philippines has a "historical right" for Huangyan, and that in order to repair strained relations, the leaders of both countries have bypassed the topic of territorial rights and claims. Agence France-Presse said that after Duthel Te took office, he said he would not pressure China on territorial disputes, but will seek more assistance and investment from china. Esperon said, why could discuss economic relations and trade relations, but to stand in the opposite position? Esperon said, it is a win-win situation for both sides, but this does not mean that both gave up their claims. Reported that China began in 2012 to allow Philippines fishermen fishing in waters near the island of Huangyan, but last weekend, Philippines fishermen return to Huangyan, and not blocked. In October 31st, when asked about China on the Huangyan Island fishing presents what conditions to the Philippines? Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said that the Chinese side has been exercising normal jurisdiction over Huangyan, the situation has not changed. At present, Yiduteerte president’s visit to China as a symbol, fully improve the relations between China and the philippines. In such a situation, in accordance with the issues of concern to President Duthel Te, the Chinese side to make appropriate arrangements based on the friendship between China and the philippines.相关的主题文章: