PetroChina bulk revitalize the listing platform ST days profit was injected 25 billion 100 mi-x3210

The oil volume to revitalize the market platform for   *ST days have received 25 billion 100 million of assets — energy — original title: Petroleum batch to revitalize the market platform for *ST days by Petroleum Group note 25 billion 100 million assets (hereinafter referred to as the "oil") on its listing platform launched "batch inventory: since last week, *ST jichai will receive notice oil 75 billion 500 million yuan of financial assets in 10 days after injection; *ST, days of announcement, will inject 25 billion 100 million yuan of assets engineering group. *ST days 10 to disclose a major asset restructuring plan, including the sale of assets, issue shares and pay cash to buy assets and raise matching funds, such as the premise of the majority of the three. Specifically, the sale of major assets for *ST days to sell its Tianli Petrochemical (except land and property of hyaluronic acid and other structures) all the assets and liabilities. To June 30th valuation date, set out the assets of the carrying amount of the net assets of -3.16 billion yuan, the estimated value of 21 million 149 thousand and 900 yuan, the transaction price of 21 million 149 thousand and 900 yuan. The placement of assets for *ST days to the actual control of oil in the non-public issue of shares and payment of cash, the acquisition of Pipeline Bureau Engineering Company Engineering Construction Corporation, global engineering, engineering design, Engineering Corporation, Kunlun, PetroChina Northeast Refining & Chemical Engineering seven companies 100% stake. The underlying asset at a price of 25 billion 131 million yuan, the company intends to issue 4 billion 45 million shares of 4.73 yuan per share (the lock up period of 36 months) to pay $19 billion 131 million for the price of about 6 billion yuan, the remaining price is paid in cash. At the same time, the company intends to not less than the price of 4.73 yuan per share, to not more than ten specific object issue not more than 1 billion 268 million shares (the lock up period of 12 months), the total funds raised not more than 6 billion yuan, for the payment of the reorganization of the cash consideration. After the completion of this transaction, the oil and related parties will achieve absolute control of *ST days, the listed company’s main business from R & D, production and sales of petrochemical products into the oil and gas field surface engineering services, storage and transportation engineering services, petrochemical engineering services, environmental engineering services, project management service as the core the petroleum engineering design, construction and general contracting construction projects related to business. It is noteworthy that these assets are directly subordinate to the oil. Valuation, in June 30th to assess the benchmark date, the total net assets of the book value of the assets of 22 billion 836 million yuan, the estimated value of a total of $25 billion 131 million, the estimated value added rate of 10.05%. Although the premium is not high, but the profitability of the assets to be injected is relatively strong. For example, the valuation of about 8 billion yuan of the Pipeline Bureau Engineering Company, the 2014, 2015 and the first half of 2016 revenues were 24 billion 233 million yuan, 17 billion 528 million yuan, 6 billion 363 million yuan, net profit was 1 billion 330 million yuan, 499 million yuan, 243 million yuan; the valuation of about 9 billion 900 million yuan of construction company in the report period operating income respectively. 19 billion 987 million yuan, 15 billion 668 million yuan, 5 billion 174 million yuan, net profit was 938 million yuan, 996 million yuan, 2)相关的主题文章: