People’s Daily to prevent sick promoted to Beijing – compaction responsibility ssdao

People’s Daily: to prevent sick promoted to Beijing – compaction responsibility personnel, responsibility weightier than Mount Tai. Only the responsibility into the selection and appointment of the whole process, engraved in the hearts of each of the leading cadres in order to build a solid firewall. Recently, the CPC Central Committee issued "on the cadres to prevent sick promoted" opinion "(hereinafter referred to as the" opinions "). Clear party committees (party) on the selection and appointment of the main body of responsibility, Party (party) secretary is the first responsible person, organization and personnel departments and discipline inspection and supervision organs were directly responsible for the responsibility of supervision. To further refine the selection and appointment of staff, in order to strengthen the selection and appointment of staff to add a line of defense, plus a lock. It should be said that with the implementation of the "Regulations on the appointment of cadres", the selection and appointment of cadres has been standardized, programmed and institutionalized. But the cadres sick still occur, the reason and responsibility is not clear, can not be implemented, it is difficult to pursue a great relationship. Since the party’s eighteen years, the central authorities have made it clear that Party organizations at all levels should conscientiously perform their main responsibility and play a leading role in the selection and appointment of cadres. To prevent the cadres sick promoted, responsibility must be very in front, perfecting the responsibility system. This is a comprehensive strictly, strict management of cadres, the inevitable requirement to implement the management and administration of the party political responsibility of Party organizations. Good system, some good, some bad, the difference lies in whether the implementation of the responsibility to implement specific to the people. "Opinions" clear party committees (party) to the higher Party organizations submit recommendations to be promoted or further use of the candidates, the candidates for responsibility and discipline of the concluding observations, Party committees (party) secretary of the Discipline Committee (Discipline Inspection Group) in the opinion of the signature system. This is a major measure of selecting and appointing the responsibilities of the job. Although the signature is simple, but it is a heavy responsibility to sign, but also a commitment to the party and the people of the cause of a high degree of commitment. At present, some localities and departments to explore the trial of this approach, achieved good results. We reflect that this is an effective and useful way to help strengthen and implement the responsibility. At present, promote the overall development of the "five in one" the overall layout, to promote the coordination of "four comprehensive" strategy, the leading cadres at all levels of higher requirement for personnel selection and job expectations are higher. Party committees (party) to firmly establish the correct selection and use of cadres is the job, "sick promoted" is dereliction of duty, intentionally concealed, insisted on the "sick" is promoted cadres duty consciousness, conscientiously fulfill the main responsibility. Party committees (party) secretary as the first responsible person, to dare to take responsibility for, strictly from the real checks; we should adhere to democratic centralism, listen to the views of all sides, can not engage in "What I say goes."; we must adhere to the principle of fairness, and resolutely resist intercede greet other unwholesome tendencies. The organization and personnel departments in the selection and appointment of duty bound to the party committees (party), selecting the right cadres ideas, when the staff and good relations, adhere to the standard conditions, strict procedures, strict discipline, especially to put effort in peacetime, to deepen the understanding of cadres daily. Discipline inspection and supervision organs in the selection and employment of workers相关的主题文章: