Parking Assist Systems, Reverse Parking Sensor Brief

Writing Growing up in crowded Hong Kong, parallel parking was one of the easier parts to get my driving license when I was 20. Until today, I have traveled a lot of famous cities in China. Packing place is a big issue, especially when festivals or special events approach. I have seen a lot of ridiculous or funny parking. Most of these drivers don’t have parking assist systems, which could remind us situations behind our cars. Reverse car parking sensor is one of the most frequently used car security systems. It uses radar or lasers to sense objects near the vehicle. Such kind of car electronics emits a warning tone to remind us of stopping the car or shifting into reverse or forward. Reverse parking sensor system differs in types. In general, all of the types could be divided into 3 categories, including 4 sensors system, 6 sensor system and parking system with rear camera. In the 4 sensors system, there are a simple LED monitor, 4 pieces of sensors and a main unit, like this example Car Radar Parking Sensor System with 4 Detectors and LED Display from PickEgg. Suitable for all kinds of vehicles, this car electronic features BiBi alarm sound and Direction indicator of left, middle and right. Its maximal detective range is 1.5m. When you purchase 4 sensors system, avoid buying types with complicated monitor display which easily cause confusion. 6 sensors system, as its name indicates, has 6 pieces of radar sensor which 2 pieces could be installed on the front two corners while others could be installed on the back. This kind of car security sensor allows drivers to watch out for the front two corners of their car. This system comes with two types of monitors, that is, VFD and LCD. A night vision CCD camera is offered by the Parking system with rear camera. This parking system is the most high-end. Driver is able to view the back situation of the car no matter at night or in the day. There is only 4 radar sensor in this system. Reverse parking sensor is a good sidekick for driver, in spite of where they live. The car electronic not only helps effectively prevent many fender benders, but also helps protect our car from other possible damages. No matter veteran drivers or newbies, they should have one for the sake of safety. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: