Cole satisfied with the little less than the speed of the exaggerated KD reign of the warrior weak r-plustek

Cole satisfied with the little less into the speed of exaggerated KD rule to make up the weak warrior ring just want to play Durant cry! Curitiba, Du Shaowu against big wonderful sports news September 30th outstanding Tencent warrior training camp for three days, Kevin Durant’s performance that coach Steve Cole is very satisfied. Kerr Quadurant’s "he’s a great team player," Cole said after training today. "We don’t have too many offensive tactics, but when he’s on the court, he always rules the game." Durant is determined to sign the warriors, many people worry that too many ball star warriors enough points, so far the warriors run smoothly, because everyone to play with Durant, rather than Durant to play other people. "He doesn’t have to fit in," Andre Iguodala said. "We have to get used to his game." In the training, Durant just need to cut points, which makes him feel very comfortable. As for the key moment who holds the ball, Durant said, even they themselves are not sure, the opponent will certainly be confused. "You never know who is in the critical moment the ball there, which makes us very threat from the repository to Thompson to Livingston to Green and Iguodala, each of us can take the game over the game, not necessarily rely on the score, you only need to have impact on the game." In the warrior system, Durant will not only play the end point, when the opponent’s defense to attract attention, he can also organize the offensive, the role of the transfer station to play the ball. "He is with a dominant offensive player," Cole said, "he is also a good organizer, this is really attracts us, so that he and Thompson, Green, Iguodala curry, Livingston, team play, you will have a number of organizations." Last season the warriors averaging turnovers alliance sixth, too many mistakes is a big problem for them, Cole believes the arrival of Durant can improve this weakness, he said: "if we move the ball up, we should be able to reduce errors, as long as we don’t want to show the real execution, Tata, we should reduce errors. In the new season we will have a better shot, a high level of performance and execution, and by June of next year you will have to do it." (from a dozen to five) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章:

Just a single on the out Interpretation of the five trends so that you worry about the purchase of h-googims

Just a single on the out? Five trends of interpretation let you worry free purchase appliances Author: Interpretation of Guo Youzhi’s five major trends of free purchase appliances to collect antiques are most afraid to buy "vintage" drill, and buy the pan 3C products is afraid of a new generation for old people "old shelves, new listing. Moreover, if the new product function also left the old street, the only regret her embarrassment! In the past such a wide range of mobile phones, computers and other products, but with the rise of the concept of "seize the family space", the life expectancy of household appliances is also gradually shortened! Just a single on the out? Five trends of interpretation let you worry free and open with the purchase of home appliances, two suites down payment amount by a large margin, the two child policy, updating and upgrading appliances become the new trend of the current consumption, household appliances are not mobile phone like frequent replacement, but closer to the relevant data show that the new replacement the rate is increasing year by year! Moreover, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the purchase of high-end appliances, experience more high-tech features, has become a new concept of consumption of many users! Update and upgrade appliances become the new trend of the current consumption so the question is, how can we buy roses, but not short time outdated appliances? I believe, if we can grasp the development trend of the product, buy some nowadays has become the absolute mainstream, but also has great prospects for future products, so in quite a long period of time, you buy the products do not have to worry about the outdated! The future promising product is worth buying appliances according to the purpose of simple division, can be divided into family entertainment, household appliances, large appliances, kitchen appliances, intelligent Home Furnishing these five categories of products, today we from the product line of the current mainstream technology and the development trend to start, help everyone to buy a "buying no regrets, not long out" home appliances! Family entertainment: on new technology & content resources living room as a home entertainment "main battlefield" is one of many businesses competing for a piece of fat meat, entertainment products such as home appliances Living traditional TV, game consoles, nature is needless to say, certainly will buy things! Also cannot ignore one kind of product is VR, but this year the first year of VR Oh, a variety of VR equipment into a blowout outbreak, I believe the future with this kind of product has a living room entertainment battle will be more intense! The living room entertainment battle more intense TV display technology from the point of view, the current can be divided into three camps, namely liquid crystal (including ULED, the first generation of quantum dots and improved technology) and the second generation of quantum dots and OLED. The development of liquid crystal technology for many years, although the ups and downs but ultimately survived, and with many manufacturers to update the improvement to its, now buy LCD TV and not outdated! OLED is recognized as the next generation display technology but OLED recognized as the next generation of display technology, is now gradually by people outside the industry optimistic, and as the technology matures, OLED developed at the beginning of the burn-in, short service life, low yields and problems are gradually disappear, so this time!相关的主题文章:

Ren Zeping the future of financial force investment in PPP (A shares) the opportunity to explain-diamondprox

Ren Zeping: the future of financial force investment in PPP (with detailed opportunity shares) Founder Securities Research Zeping 1 macro macro Ze Ping: steady growth in the future monetary finance subsidiary, financial force in PPP in the near future we continue to recommend the PPP theme (see report "force PPP: steady growth and activation of private investment"), the main the logic is: the steady growth in the future will be to finance, monetary finance subsidiary, force point in PPP. 1.1 steady growth in the future: financial based, supplemented by the money in 2015, we put forward the economic L type judgment, the one or two quarter of this year, GDP growth of 6.7%, to verify our judgment. But L does not mean that the economy does not fluctuate or no downward pressure, just from the period of rapid decline slowly into the bottom. With the decline in real estate investment, the future of the economy is still downward pressure, the government once again steady growth demands. A new round of steady growth in the future may be different from the past. 2014-2015 steady growth through a wide range of monetary policy, but the side effects are also very obvious, that is, the stock market, real estate prices. It is expected that the central bank will soon be difficult to see the central bank issued a strong signal of easing again: 1) fed rate hike is expected to heat up, too strong easing signals will bring pressure on devaluation and outflow of funds. 2) despite the years CPI has been high, but the price of vegetable prices, the central bank still has a certain vigilance on inflation. 3) the recent housing boom, the king of the frequency, the two quarter of the Politburo meeting to suppress asset price bubble, it is likely to constitute a constraint on monetary policy. Therefore, the future of steady growth may be based on fiscal policy, supplemented by monetary policy. 1.2 financial force point: PPP in the context of a sound return to monetary policy, the second half of the steady growth is likely to rely on financial force. However, the gap between revenue and expenditure in the widening deficit this year is 3% constraints, simply relying on the financial investment space is limited, therefore, one option is for the government to stimulate private investment in infrastructure, then the PPP model will become an important starting point to steady growth. You can expect financial subsidies, preferential loans, tax breaks and other aspects of good PPP policy. The current cost of financing continues to decline, the lowest yield of 10 year bonds fell to $2.64%. With the cost of financing to reduce the attractiveness of a lot of infrastructure PPP projects increased significantly. PPP’s main force should be rail transportation, environmental protection, urban public facilities, gardens, sponge City, underground pipe network and other fields. At present, many departments to promote top-level design PPP. In 2016 June, the 19 Departments of the Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of education, Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "notice" on the organization to carry out the third batch of government and social capital cooperation demonstration project screening, marking the third batch of PPP demonstration project declared officially opened. The previous PPP projects are carried out by the Ministry of Finance in a future PPP demonstration project, combined screening by the 20 departments, greatly broaden the range of demonstration projects; quantity and amount of investment is expected to refresh the high; expand the areas of investment, the private investment is very important; the eastern coastal region of the PPP project is expected to increase the proportion of. 2 strategy Guo Yanhong: pay attention to PPP related structural opportunities in the current market we recommend focus.相关的主题文章:

German government warned Tesla owners cautious use of autopilot system (video)

The German government has warned the Tesla owners caution in the use of the automatic driving system of Tencent Francisco Reuters reported Germany recently warned in a letter the Tesla electric car owners, in the use of automatic driving function, the driver must remain vigilant and control of vehicle operation. The German Federal Motor authority (Federal Motor Authority) in a letter to Tesla owners said the letter, the autopilot car Tesla is just a driver assistance system, and is a highly automated system, the driver still need to pay attention to vehicle operation. According to the German road traffic regulations, the driver must remain alert and use the vehicle when driving the vehicle, according to the German Federal Motor vehicle administration. Tesla launched the autopilot system in October last year, the system aims to help rather than replace the driver. Tesla claims that it has always been clear to the user that its autopilot is just a driver assistance system, requiring the driver to pay attention to the vehicle at all times. However, in May 7th of this year, a Tesla driver in Florida, United States and the use of automatic driving system collided with a truck and died of injuries. Since then, Tesla’s autopilot system is subject to strict scrutiny. German Ministry of transportation is studying Tesla Model S electric car autopilot. The German Der Spiegel magazine in an internal report will be called the Tesla car’s autopilot function is a great danger to traffic". (compiled Tan Si) Tesla automatic driving accident video exposure, automatic driving really do not fly promotion: mobile phone will be replaced by VR? How will VR change life? Everything about VR, here, VR dimension WeChat public number (qqtechvr), a virtual world quest!相关的主题文章:

Shanghai Yanan road traffic in the next year is expected to increase the operating speed of 5 (video-super bass

Shanghai Yanan road traffic in the bus next year trial operation is expected to enhance the speed of 5 yesterday was the "World Car Free Day", the city carried out in order to "take a step, the measurement of happiness — this is Shanghai" as the theme of the 2016 world car free day city public orienteering, from all walks of 210 people on behalf of the bus, subway, slow traffic and other green travel, propaganda "car free" concept, reduce air pollution, ease traffic congestion. Reporters learned from the Municipal Transportation Commission, Shanghai since last year to start the bus city since the creation of the 18 indicators have been completed ahead of the transit city to create goals. Yanan road public concern in the capacity of public transport will be put into trial operation in January next year, the bus speed is expected to increase 5, 18 to 19 kilometers per hour, the interval is shortened to 3 to 5 minutes, things to become a public traffic artery. As of the end of last year, Shanghai urban rail transit network completed. The total length of the first line of the whole network operation over 600 km, an increase of up to 617 km. "13th Five-Year" period, the city will continue to improve the rail transit network planning, and comprehensively promote the construction of 216 km line, involving 10 subway lines. By the end of 2020 the total mileage is expected to exceed 800 km. The future will continue to promote public transport network and rail network "two network integration", orbit around the site a radius of 50 meters 70.3% of the city’s bus line service, orbit around the site a radius of 100 meters in the 86.4% bus line service. Since 2013, the city’s total of 1028 bus routes optimization; to solve the public rail transit travel the last mile line reached 197, the average daily passenger services to more than 50 people. Shanghai this year, combined with rail transportation and hub construction, large residential communities (affordable housing base) development, supporting remote areas, urban and rural integration, continue to optimize the adjustment of bus lines. At present, bus group has been combined with the Puxi area 25 passenger corridor made Gongjiaoxianwang adjustment preliminary plan, Pudong bus is also actively carry out relevant combing, plans to complete the program to refine the work before the end of September. This year will continue to promote the last mile line service pilot. As of now, the city’s "last mile" line timetable listing service has completed 86, plans to complete before the end of September 41, before the end of December to complete the 61. "13th Five-Year" period will also improve the slow traffic facilities, strengthen the construction and management of public transportation and public development of space around the foot, non motor vehicle access and parking facilities, slow to protect the traffic space; in residential and commercial, business, cultural and creative industry agglomeration area, and gradually build a slow traffic system has a comfortable and pleasant the quality of the space environment and facilities. Bus lane construction is also continuing to promote. City Traffic Commission this year continued to promote the construction of bus lanes to 25 km road bridge (Pudong), Siping Road (Hongkou, Yangpu), Po Yang Road – Baoan (Baoshan) and Wuzhong Road (Xuhui, Minhang). In addition to Jinqiao Road has been completed by the Pudong New Area, the remaining three roads are planned to be completed or started in the second half of the year. After the traffic regulation, the role of bus lanes to play further, the morning and evening peak bus speed has been significantly improved相关的主题文章: