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UnCategorized SEO experts are constantly telling us about the importance of good quality content and good quality back links from web sites with relevant content. They also tell us that reciprocal links and page rank are of decreasing importance. They then instruct us as to how to go about getting good links by personally contacting other web sites and proposing a reciprocal link! Confusing! As is much of the advice given to prospective site designers. Personal experience with our own web site has shown that the following is correct and works; Content is the key. Lots of it, with constant up dates to it, and it should be well written and informative not just a sales pitch. The more pages you can create the better. Upwards of 100 pages will highlight your site as an important one. Sites with only a few pages rarely appear on the first page of search engine results. As the site ages its importance will increase. Those who got in early generally outperform the later sites. Google also have an ageing process for links. As these links approach six months old they be.e of more importance. Reciprocal links once gone through the ageing process are still being counted, even with Googles updated algorithm. Article writing and publishing will produce huge numbers of backlinks. You should be looking to produce upwards of 30 articles and aim for around 250. Attaching a weblog to your site which is updated daily will increase the rate at which the search engines visit your site and at the same time adds valuable content and links. Page Rank has still some importance in determining your position in the rankings because it is based on the links and the content of your site. However the page rank as given by the Google Toolbar is not necessarily accurate. A more accurate page rank can be gauged from using the detail supplied by the Google Sitemap statistics. Consequently generate a sitemap and submit it to Google. The most important piece of advice is to design your site for the visitor and not the search engines. Have as much information within the content as possible and keep the graphics to a minimum. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Mahindra Honours Its Dealer And Distributor Talent Through Its mahindra Idols

Automobiles Mahindra honours its dealer and distributor talent through its Mahindra Idols and Ustaado Ke Ustaad Awards Unique competitions aimed at recognizing talent across dealerships Talent hunt also aimed at propagating learning through innovation Mumbai: Mahindra & Mahindra, Indias largest SUV manufacturer, recently, recognized the talent among its dealers and distributors at the 4th edition of Ustaadon Ke Ustaad and the 3rd edition of Mahindra Idols in Mumbai. Mahindra Idols and Ustaadon ke Ustaad are national skill competitions for sales and service personnel respectively of Mahindra & Mahindra dealerships. The competition aims to give recognition to everyone who reaches out to the customers and provides them with an inimitable experience at any Mahindra dealership pan India. Ustaadon ke Ustaad is a national skill competition to recognize and appreciate the best talent amongst Technicians, Service Supervisors, Service Advisors, Technical Specialists and CoTEKs of the automotive sector dealerships across the country. A unique manpower capability building tool, this competition was held at four levels – at the dealership level where over 11,000 participants put up a tough fight to become eligible for Area Office level, followed by Area Office level where all dealership champions across the state competed for the title of Zonal Ustaad and finally the Zonal Ustaads came together at the national level for the coveted title of National Champions. The contest was evaluated based on live cases of customer concerns. The participants went through rounds of rigorous assessments conducted over six months, as they prepared themselves through focused learning. Mahindra Idols is a unique talent hunt platform launched by Mahindra & Mahindra which helps the candidates showcase and enhance the spirit of selling and performance that exists in the Mahindra dealerships. The drive is an initiative to create an exciting, goal oriented, learning environment which will help recognize and reward the talents and provide a pathway to success for others in future. The contest is evaluated on three separate evaluation groups based on the selling channels viz Personal, Commercial and High-end SUVs. It works in a four tier process Dealership Level, Area Office Level, Zonal Level and National Level and the evaluation is based on the tested knowledge and demonstrated skills in most of the rounds. The contest includes knowledge and skills to cover various aspects of daily working of the candidates within their role. Selection and evaluation jury consisted of Mahindra officials from Zonal Office, Marketing Team and Training Consultants. At the final stages only 4 winners were chosen out of 5,500 participants. Speaking on this initiative, Arun Malhotra, Senior Vice President, Sales & Customer Care, Automotive Division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said, At Mahindra, our dealers and distributors are an integral part of our family. They are the connect we have with our customers and hence it is important that we recognize their commitment and support. Initiatives such as Mahindra Idols and Ustaadon ke Ustaad will go a long way in inspiring them as we enable them to Rise in their areas of delivery. For further information, please visit Connect with us on For further enquiries please contact: Atul Malikram 9827092823 About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Go Ahead And Create A Free

Advertising Crearun blog gratis doesnt require great .puter skills and knowledge. You dont need to have years of experience in informatics to crear blog. All you have to do is use all your imagination to obtain a great result. Also, you need to look for a trusty blog site that will guide you in the right direction. Your lack of knowledge wont keep you back from making your own blog. There is no need to be afraid that this will happen. Therefore, get down to business and start designing the most appropriate blog for you. No one says that you cannot ask a professional to help you crear blog. However, whats the point in spending money on such services when you can crearun blog gratis by yourself? It doesnt matter if you are a beginner and you dont know much about this field. If you choose your blogging site wisely and you pay attention to the indications written there, you have no reasons to concern about. You will manage to put in practice all your ideas and you will do it without problems. In this case, forget about the idea of hiring someone else; do it by yourself. You can tell how good a blogging site is by looking at the blogs it hosts. If the one you found hosts only beautiful and free of error blogs, there are no reasons why you shouldntcrear blog on it. The chances that you be unhappy with your choice are pretty low. On the other hand, if the blogs you have seen are quite ordinary, dont rush to crear blog using that site. Maybe that particular blogging site cannot provide you with the tools you need to make an extraordinary blog. In this case, the right thing to do would be to seek another host. Once you find the right place where you can crearun blog gratis, get down to work. Register on that particular blog site and read all the steps you have to take in order to crearun blog gratis. Once you understand what you have to do, let the work begin. Take all the time you need to think of all the elements your blog should contain. If you want to .e up with a unique and beautiful blog, you need to pay great attention to details. As it was stated in this article, blogs are not hard to build and maintain. Thus, if you intend to share your writings online, do it without hesitation. Start looking for a dependable blogging platform and make a blog you think would represent you perfectly. Take time to investigate three or four different blog sites and .pare them. By .parison, you will manage to spot the most convenient blogging platform. Once you find it, go on and start making your blog. Use all your imagination to build an amazing page bloggers would love to read and follow. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Smooth Flawless Looking Skin Using Mineral Makeup-yuanjiao

Womens-Issues Brush away blemishes using mineral makeup. All natural mineral makeup evens out blotchy skin tones using a surprisingly light application. The natural ingredients in mineral makeup, such as zinc oxide, sooth your skin and provide great coverage. For your skin to look it’s best, mineral makeup like all foundations must be applied carefully. Prepare your skin well and your .plexion will look great all day. Regardless of your skin type you should look for a gentle cleanser, as well as a toner to regulate the ph of the skin and diminish the look of pores, and a moisture rich lotion or primer. Make sure your primer or moisturizer is .pletely dry before applying your foundation. A good sunscreen is always a must even if you are not out in the sun much. Even limited exposure can cause sun damage , which leads to premature aging. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are two .mon ingredients in mineral makeup that are excellent natural sunscreens. Skin also needs to be exfoliated to keep the pores clear and unclogged, but harsh exfoliates should be avoided. Milder, oatmeal-based facial scrubs can help unplug the oily pores, and are much kinder to sensitive skin. Without these basic cleansing actions, skin tone dull and uneven and cannot protect itself against the environmental stress it encounters everyday. Mineral concealer is ideal for acne and rosacea sufferers as it provides .plete coverage of blemishes at the same time helping to heal and calm inflammations with the high levels of zinc oxide. Instead of covering spots or acne with a liquid oil concealer that can further clog your pores, dab on an anti-acne formula and use a mineral powder concealer to hide acne and to absorb excess oil. If you prepare your skin properly first, your mineral makeup will glide on and give you flawless coverage while protecting your skin. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

How To Choose A Right Home Based Franchise -restorator

Small Business If you are looking for the best opportunities to earn from home, you need to go with the best home based franchise opportunities. However, with the advent of the internet, there are unlimited options available to go with, but choosing a right option is still a crucial task to .plete. Due to easy access to internet, anyone can establish a .pany or organization to offer home based business franchise. Therefore, if you are going to invest in such a business to earn part time, you need to keep few significant points in view. Dont Choose Expensive Options When you search online for home based franchises for sale, you will get lots of results. However, before making a final decision, you need to go through each aspect associated with your chosen .pany. The first point that you should not forget is that you must avoid choosing an expensive franchise. Instead you must go with low cost home based franchise options. Choosing an affordable franchise can help you saving your hard-earned money. Moreover, by investing small amount of money, you will take little risk when it .es to financial crisis. Education franchise is considered as the most affordable option to go with. Understand Hidden Terms & Conditions Hidden terms and conditions are considered as the most confusing things when it .es to investing in best home based franchise opportunities. Therefore, if you are looking for a right .pany, you first need to thoroughly understand the hidden terms as well as conditions of your selected home based franchise. This way, you can secure yourself from any future financial trouble. When you choose a .pany, you must ask for the legal paper of the .pany. You also need to understand financial conditions associated with the work from home franchises. Having done this, you need to move for next step i.e. business record of the .pany. Analyze Previous Business Record If you are looking for best home based franchise, you also need to go through previous business record or history of your chosen .pany. This way, you will get an overall idea about the .pany. For this, you can analyze customers testimonials to get a clear financial picture of the .anization. Remember, there are lots of home based franchises available that have bad financial history. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: