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Hao Yunfa’s new single "seasons unbeaten" and announced the launch of a national tour [Abstract] (September 27th, Beijing) "music Wanzhu" Hao Yun song "seasons undefeated conference successfully held in the conference site, Hao Yun signed new China tradition Qiushi culture media Co. Ltd, and announced the opening theme of" impulse "national tour. The official version of "Hao Yun" four seasons unbeaten Tencent entertainment news (September 27th, Beijing) "music Wanzhu" Hao Yun song "seasons undefeated conference successfully held in the conference site, Hao Yun signed new China tradition Qiushi culture media Co. Ltd, and announced the opening theme of" impulse "national tour. As everyone knows, Hao Yun is a well-known mainland folk singer, music producer, songwriter. It is said that Hao Yun’s music is folk, some people say he is a rock singer, no matter what kind of classified, it is undeniable that Hao Yun’s unique style of music, always let people get different feelings, from the "knot", "Beijing Beijing" to the "living on both sides of the Changjiang River Hongbian", Hao Yun has many classic songs, to convey to people "laugh at life" cloud music philosophy at the same time, it is the way won the major music awards. In 2014 an irony the "mass" in the Spring Festival Gala Concert I won’t even let the SMS after was the lowest; as the movie "episode" put heart flower road, literary and sentimental "Dali" to outline the beauty of Dali, and even led a tourism boom in Dali. Hao Yun site to talk about a new creative activities on the same day, many fans and media gathered in the field and at the new single "MV" four seasons unbeaten, this new song without the usual Sanxian and harmonica, nor the watch people with great eloquence drums. The song melody is simple but depend on the conversion of light and dark strike a deep chord, change and MV perspective rendered clear emotional love seasons after the conference at the scene to restore MV scenery, let people inadvertently entered into the Hao Yunwei story in the us. Whether it is a song or MV creative ideas and shooting texture, bring to the audience the most direct moving audio-visual experience. Hao Yun also shared a creative inspiration and creative process, "life changes, writing will naturally change, so the work of changed and unchanged, this is not what I can control, on this song I don’t want to say too much, too much will make people think I am to send songs and speculation the topic, I don’t love it, want to say have been written in the song, listen to listen to music, I hope that we can love the song itself, and the story is irrelevant." At the signing ceremony, Fenghua Qiushi culture media Co., Ltd. Chairman Mr. Li Hui and CEO Mr. Tang Zhengyi both arrived at the scene, and Hao Yun exchanged gifts. Hao Yun’s gift is a gift of the one and only creative posters, posters from the American artist Erica (Erika Iris Simmons) inspired art design, using the waste tape collage, Hao Yun has always supported the green music life once again reflect. Fenghua actually collected autumn Hao Yun fans and stars friends around the country’s blessing, and carefully edited a memorial video, Hao Yun shouted the scene. :相关的主题文章:

Henan dagongmei earning 3000 yuan open free breakfast shop in Guangdong (map) zuczug

Henan dagongmei earning 3000 yuan open free breakfast shop in Guangdong (Figure) love porridge soft waxy waxy corn porridge, hot spicy pickled Steamed Buns large, fragrant dishes, what to eat for free? The pumpkin congee shop with his meager income, with his old men, with his life of hardship, he displaced by…… That is a love porridge store in Dongguan Changping Town, here only for breakfast, meals do not sell only to send, sanitation workers, families, the elderly, homeless and cash strapped workers…… The door will be able to eat, do not spend a penny. 30 year old Henan shop owner Hu Fangfang said, porridge shop was originally she and her mother, and her sister, a brother of the preparation of the, was opened yesterday for third days, there have been more than and 170 people enjoy delicious. Three days more than and 170 people have free breakfast yesterday at 6:30 in the morning, the sun warm and bright, Changping Town Commercial Street shop No. 134 store, "free love porridge" red signs particularly conspicuous. The shop is a row of new furniture, new brush walls gleaming, opened third days, even more busy. Hu stood 1.5 barrels fongfong high, with a spoon porridge, a bowl full of stainless steel. Today’s breakfast is pumpkin gruel, 4 material pot, boil 2.5 hours just soft, thick smell of Mi Xiang. "Come, fresh from the Steamed Buns!" Someone shouted a voice, then several people holding a hot Steamed Buns. 10 minutes later, the sanitation workers in succession, they adjusted work clothing, with a white face came. "Big sister, here is water."!" Volunteers from Changping volunteers association. A basin, soap store, sanitation workers hand washing before everyone was seated, a bowl of porridge, a dish of pickled vegetables, Steamed Buns. "Please take your time!" Volunteers smile together. One hour later, barrels near bottom, Steamed Buns was to "destroy" the 80, a total of 58 people dining, most of the sanitation workers, but also the oldest old man. Hu Fangfang said the shop three days, there are already more than and 170 people enjoy a free breakfast. Every day the public expenditure details of Hu Fangfang is not very rich people, she is just a monthly income of 3000 yuan, workers in Changping for 4 years. "We have this free breakfast in Henan. In June this year, I, my mother and two sisters, a brother-in-law began preparations." Hu Fangfang said, they in the commercial street of Changping to find a store plate down, buy decoration materials, my sister and her husband paid several million. Her mother as "Chef", at 4 every morning get up more than porridge, to ensure that everyone eat fresh porridge. They also specifically bought a pot of porridge to boil, a 200 component. Opened three days, spent more than $400 per day, thanks to help." Hu Fangfang is very grateful. According to Hu Fangfang’s idea, sanitation workers, needy households, disabled people, the elderly, tramps are service objects. In particular, sanitation workers, they get up early, but because of meager income, many people do not eat breakfast, I hope to help them." Hu Fangfang remember, porridge shop opened the first day, an old lady came to eat breakfast, nothing said. On the second day, she came again.相关的主题文章:

Baoqiang Wang’s directorial debut conference Tianzhu White passengers joined the brotherhood (video) tataufo

Baoqiang Wang’s directorial debut conference Tianzhu White passengers joined the brothers to help the conference site, Baoqiang Wang, Yue Yunpeng, Liu Yan, white passenger Baoqiang Wang appeared "havoc" Conference on divorce Tencent Tianzhu choked entertainment news October 10th, directed by Baoqiang Wang’s Debut Movie "havoc in Tianzhu" held in Beijing "welcome, at the end of laughter" was a prelude to the full lineup of conference. Hilarious journey. The director and starring Baoqiang Wang and "Tianzhu brothers help" white passenger Yue Yunpeng and Liu Yan full debut. He has always been to show off the white will challenge the action a lot of two rich generation technology conference, Tang Zhai Sen, who starred in sharing their shooting experience, talk about drama shooting fun, detonated atmosphere. The first challenge summer white passenger action turned the beaten two rich generation "havoc in Tianzhu" from the start has been of concern, whether it is the story and the actors become the focus of attention, the whole team conference officially announced Baoqiang Wang, white passenger Yue Yunpeng and Liu Yan four main play. "Havoc" tells the story of Tianzhu Tang Sen and two men together went to India for my father’s will, but encountered intention to kidnap his beauty, after the four buddy in India all the way through all the training, finally repair the "immortal" story. With film comedy, action theme, four creative dance by way of new in order to be different in appearance, with India style of music sounded a tipping site. In the film, the white house guest as a technology rich two generations, high IQ and geek attributes let him realize the king sledgehammer perfect counter attack. He said he played Tang Sen is a lot of action drama to be staged in the two generation of the rich, as a director of the strong given a lot of action guidance, but also bring their own pro cycling, riding a motorcycle, it is too spell. But the crew shot just to catch up with the fifty years of high temperature, let oneself really blood to have overcome the difficulties the entire crew, insisted on shooting. The main site of red blooded male competition push ups at the press conference, talking about the treasure and strong first cooperation, said the white passenger is a challenging new attempt, think Bao Qiang is a very enthusiastic person, energy is particularly strong. Very early every day to start the day, the treasure is strong to shoot, to stare at the film back at night, he completed the high strength work strict in demands. Because of "never thought" popular comedy has always been filled with a white passenger cell, at the press conference scene, white passengers dressed in gray black shirt Beige trousers appearance, humorous discourse attracted laughter. Asked about the shooting period of crew have what special activities to promote feelings, white passenger disclosure, director every day will guide you to morning, at half past six, leg kick and running, although it sounds hard, everyone is voluntary, and it is helpful to cultivate the tacit understanding, physical fitness. In the conference site white passengers showed fruitful results during the shooting exercises, push ups and Yue Yunpeng launched the PK, attracted hilarious scene constantly. "Havoc in Tianzhu" as Baoqiang Wang directed the first film, the highly anticipated, with the male god white passenger comedy partner Baoqiang Wang will impact what kind of spark, let us meet at the end of the year, kept comedy. It is reported that the film will be in December 23rd this year, the national release.相关的主题文章:

Do not pinch your nose, it will affect his health! Sohu – www.8008205555

Do not pinch your nose, it will affect his health! Sohu – maternal mothers often do: baby nose and collapse and flat, pinch, may be able to stand up; the baby is very naughty, pinched nose, and a baby; do not take medicine, pinch the nose, fill in. Pinch the baby’s nose, adults often do little action to children. However, whether you carefully look at these practices is feasible? Whether it will bring bad influence to the baby? Do you often hold a baby’s nose to make your nose stand? Everyone has the heart of beauty, all the mothers hope the baby grow up. The nose is at the center of our face, the nose can greatly enhance the beauty of the whole. Mothers are always envious of the foreigner’s nose, nose and high star, straight, very beautiful. So, sometimes want to let the baby have a nose. "Baby baby nose flat, often squeezed, the nose will be quite long." This is our traditional idea. In this regard, many parents also believe that the baby is still immature in infancy, it is possible to adjust its growth by pinching the nose. However, Xiaobian remind you that this will not only do not play a role, but also harm the baby’s health oh. Pinch let nose change quite there is no scientific basis for early infant weight growth is the fastest, most obvious in this stage of the flat nose and eyes wide spacing characteristics. When the baby before the skull at the age of 1 to 1.5 years after the closure, bone and nasal bone began to accelerate growth, the nose will slowly grow, change will continue development of nasal bones after puberty will become mature. The nose is determined by genetic factors, growth, nutrition, nasal trauma and other factors of early decision, at present there is no exact scientific basis confirmed that often mention pinching nasal can let nose change quite, pinching the bridge of the nose only adults psychological factors at work for the baby, do not have any practical effect. The nasal mucosa delicate pinch nose nasal mucosa damage children baby, to baby if improper pinch nose, but easy to damage the nasal mucosa of children. Children with nasal shorter than adults, no hair, after rhinostenosis, nasal bone cartilage, nasal mucosa delicate, rich in blood vessels. Often pinch the nose of children, will affect the child’s breathing. In particular, the force is too large or hard at that time, it is likely to damage the nasal mucosa, blood vessels, leading to inflammatory response. In addition, it will reduce the nasal defense function, vulnerable to bacterial and viral infection and disease. Therefore, the child’s nose is not casually pinch. Pinch nose easy to cause otitis media nose is not only the body and the outside world of the "portal", but also the main channel of the baby breathing. It can not only filter the wetting and breathe air, can stop the invasion of bacteria. The baby is the eustachian tube is thick and short, straight, position lower than the adults, chaos pinch nose will make nasal secretions and bacteria through the ear and throat diameter into the middle ear, caused by otitis media. The baby’s nose, this action is simple and fun, has become a habit of many parents. But after reading this article, I hope that the concept of parents can be changed, do not underestimate this small action may bring negative to the baby相关的主题文章:

Meet Laoshan Guanhai climbers seeking truth asked, intoxicated mountains – Sohu tourism! replays.net

Meet Laoshan Guanhai climbers seeking truth asked, intoxicated mountain tourism in the Sohu before! – did not go to Laoshan, do not have much impression on Laoshan, only know at the seaside in Laoshan, and the Laoshan priests, until recently in Shandong and Sina jointly organized the 2016 Laoshan scenic area V Laoshan Master tours in Laoshan have a comprehensive understanding of the real, only to find that there are up to hundreds of kilometers of coastline, the late autumn of Laoshan, the beautiful mountain scenery, rich autumn moment can let you revel in the mountains! From the airport at the moment, the heart is full of expectations, look forward to Qingdao seafood, the beauty of Laoshan, and meet new and old friends. When the moment arrived at Qingdao Liuting Airport, kind of looking forward to the hearts of the increasingly intense, Qingdao Liuting Airport to Laoshan scenic area about 40 kilometers, so the normal arrive there in about 1 hours, Laoshan air Cheng Evening net, Shanhaiguan phase, do not have the mood, in the afternoon in Laoshan sea view Villa Yilin also held 2016v Laoshan from the media Master sharing. Three days in Laoshan to visit Laoshan, the four major tourist areas, praying in Huayan Temple, so open the journey; in seeking truth, asked, opening a cultural tour; in the opening tour scenic Jufeng top; on the north nine water sightseeing tour, opening autumn tour tour. It can be said that each tourist area is worth a visit, have their own unique. Laoshan is located in the eastern part of Qingdao, the East and south sides near the Yellow Sea, "sea first mountain" reputation, the highest peak is 1133 meters above sea level of kyoho. As the saying goes: "although Taishan cloud, as the East China Sea laoshan". Laoshan with its majestic, magnificent, unique and beautiful became famous Taoist mountains, Laoshan Taoist temple, the sunrise and the sea of clouds, are very well known. Laoshan scenic area is clear, clear, stone chessboard, Bunostomum, north nine water, China building, 7 scenic area is composed of Kyoho, flow. The tour line a total of four, including three road (south, East, middle), a waterway. The scenic landscape: according to Xu, clear moon, Kyoho sea Jiao Xian Dun, China building stones, nine water Mingyi etc, Laoshan twelve king. Clear – Bunostomum also known as the south, is the Laoshan scenic area the first development of the most prestigious. It is close to the coastline, with famous cultural attractions, the vast majority of people, is the tour of the Laoshan line. The basic line into the area is clear – Taiqinggong Scenic Area – Huayan Temple, finally bunostomum. This is because we live in the sea near the mouth of the Yang Yilin villa, so first visited near Huayan scenic spot. Huayan scenic spot: Huayan blessing, trip to get open! Address: Qingdao city attractions Wang Ge Zhuang Town Laoshan District back Linghou tourist area of Laoshan scenic area is located in the eastern China, South Taiqing, North West Bunostomum, Kyoho, east of the sea, the main huayansi, Narayana cave, stone chessboard, Ming view, developing more than and 10 sculptures and other attractions. Here mountains and sea, a secluded, no matter is the towering building or cliff, give a person a kind of physical and ethereal, clean, quiet feeling. Exudes a thick of autumn, autumn in Laoshan is really beautiful! Came to the Huayan area, of course, see Laoshan Huayan Temple, Huayan Temple was originally called Asahi相关的主题文章: