Innovation growth into the top G20 issue of China to promote the world to share scientific and techn

Innovation growth agenda G20 China promoting the world sharing innovation of science and technology, Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing (reporter Ding Dong) in August 29, the upcoming G20 summit in Hangzhou, "innovation growth mode" has become the Chinese summit four topics: first, in the face of a new round of strategic opportunities brought by science and technology leather life, China G20 will promote the common description of innovative growth blueprint, build inclusive innovation, sharing innovation environment, make innovation achievements benefit the whole world. Innovative growth has become G20 major issue, an important background is 2008 after the financial crisis the world economy into the quagmire of slow growth, many countries are looking for economic growth driven by "prescription", in the face of the third industrial revolution, green economy, Internet economy and other new technology innovation by Ji Xingqi, will undoubtedly become a new round of economic growth source. As an innovative growth initiative, Chinese is promoting national innovation strategy, the transformation from economic power to science and technology innovation of large and powerful, yellow G20 innovation competitiveness released recently showed that in the ranking of the competitiveness of G20 national innovation, Chinese become the only one in the top ten countries. "Over the past five years, China’s scientific and technological innovation strength has been greatly improved, especially in the development of science and technology investment and output indicators." The yellow book editor, deputy director of the research center of Fujian Normal University, the competitiveness of Huang Maoxing 29, told reporters, after a long accumulation of science and technology, Chinese in science and technology innovation environment, innovation talent, innovation system, with the lead and promote scientific and technological innovation strength and confidence. In the context of global economic growth in the doldrums, the G20 economy is facing many difficulties and challenges, joint collaborative innovation slow action, hinder economic and technological innovation and cooperation." In the wisdom of science and Technology Evaluation Research Center Director Li Minrong admitted that the current lack of political trust of the members of G20, some countries restrict the international flow of innovative elements in various forms, to prevent progress of international innovation cooperation. According to reports, the current global technology innovation and uneven distribution of resources, in between developed and developing countries, great innovation base, innovation environment, innovation talent gap, in the trend of globalization and regional integration, the development of the science and technology competition, each separate pattern is not conducive to the global science and technology innovation. Li Minrong said, G20 summit proposed "collaborative, inclusive and vibrant global innovation environment, all countries in the world especially G20 members in promoting innovation and development, to deal with the relationship between self innovation and collaborative innovation, innovation and competition of interests exclusive relationship with tolerance and sharing, enhance their vitality and absorb external power relations thus," the construction of innovation, vitality, linkage and tolerance in the world economy". After preliminary consultations, G20 innovation growth blueprint has been a positive response, each member can be expected, G20 members will be the summit as a starting point, to develop a specific plan of action, promote the coordinated national innovation system, encourage all levels of dialogue, sharing and innovation experience, promote the scientific research of open innovation, make maximum benefit all groups, the formation of "cooperation, cooperation, open and inclusive" long-term innovation mechanism. ()相关的主题文章:

Canada’s most amazing natural wonders, this life can not be missed! googims

Canada’s most amazing natural wonders, this life can not be missed! ? as a vast territory and abundant resources, wildlife resources and the landscape resource rich countries, "big and beautiful" is the essential label of canada. The creator is always the artist will be full of wit, the natural scenery to strike a deep chord in this land. This is also the world’s largest and most professional travel guide Lonely Planet listed in the 2017 national top list of the important reasons. Canada, an area of more than 9 million 980 thousand square kilometers, occupies a large part of North America, the territory from the Western Pacific extends to the eastern part of the the Atlantic region, extending to the Arctic Ocean to the north. If calculated in terms of land and water area, Canada is the second largest country in the world, if only land area, is the world’s fourth largest country. The vast territory bred infinite possibility of nature, 42% of the land area is covered by forests, forest resources accounted for 1/10 of the world, from the sky overlooking the coniferous forest covered with vast glaciers covered the Canadian Shield, the mystery of the arctic. Canada has the longest coastline in the world, every day the sun rises and falls, the tide rises step back, bring beautiful coastal scenery. Canada and the United States shared Lake Superior is the world’s first great lakes, in addition to the land of rivers and lakes with abundant fresh water resources. There are a large number of fresh water resources to be stored in the mountains of glaciers in the mountains, the mountains led by the mountain resources is the natural treasure of canada. The National Park System of National Park in Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Canada is the pride of the country, the national park system to protect the mature and show the incomparable natural wonders, from the mountains to the plains, from the lake to the glacier, from inland to the coast, from the north to the Arctic tundra forest… All over the country park symbolizes the natural and divine Fantasy Sculpture creation. Waterton Lakes National Park (Waterton Lake National Park) images from only 14 square kilometers of the minimum Alberta Province Tourism Bureau official website the National Park (Georgia Bay Islands National Park Georgian Bay Islands National Park), the largest 45000 square kilometers (Wood Buffalo National Park WoodBuffalo National Park wood); some of them illustrious such as Banff National Park (Banff National Park), Jasper National Park (Jasper National Park), some unknown to the public as Aiwaweike National Park (Ivvavik National Park), 000 (Vuntut National Park National Park of TUT). Eva Veikko National Park in Wood Buffalo National Park, in short, remember, 2017 is Canada’s 150 year old birthday, all free of charge national park. The Rocky Mountains of the Canadian Rockies (Canadian Rockies) is Canada’s most famous and most sought after natural wonder.相关的主题文章:

Yanzhao Evening News Teacher’s day should be less festive Carnival more reflection — debugging pers 小坂めぐる

Yanzhao Evening News: Teacher’s day should be less festive Carnival more reflection — debugging perspective — original title: Teacher’s day should be less more reflective debugging with teachers festival Carnival Festival approaching, the word "tangled" many students become the parents of heart disease, should give the teacher a gift? What to send to the teacher? A primary school in Liaoning city of Dalian, the parents in the QQ group, parents in warm discussions, tend to send flowers and gifts pen, to discuss the value of 1000 yuan. The other group also feel tangled is a teacher, should not be closed? How to refuse? (September 8th "Peninsula morning paper") along with the market, the commercialization process, people’s emotional expression means more and more single. As a kind of social connection means, gift can bring others benefits, also has a "weakness" and "good" symbol function. The name of the banner of respecting, using human contact channels, give the teacher a gift as a "unspoken rule". Human contacts about "you come to me", follow the principle of mutual benefit, sending gifts to teachers is obviously never to return". Parents give gifts to the teacher, not to expect the teacher to participate in human exchanges, but expect the teacher to give the child tilt, difference of extra care". As a kind of social exchange gifts between parents and teachers "tacit understanding"; the parents of those gifts did not give the teacher, "I do not send gifts to others will fall into the prisoner’s dilemma, children to lose, but involuntarily involved. Fierce competition in education, so that the value of teachers to further highlight. In the eyes of many parents, the teacher is the heart, is directly related to the students’ academic performance and comprehensive development. The success of anxiety and anxiety fair coerced, many parents will give gifts as a means of investment, to receive higher returns. As for the teachers, the words will inevitably affect the education fair, also violated the relevant regulations; do not accept it and be afraid of hurt parents "face", artificially formed cracks interaction between parents and teachers. Teacher’s day should be less festive carnival, more reflection and self commissioning. At the moment of the transition from the identity society to the professional society, the teacher’s social identity is less and less from the identity label, and more and more depends on the role playing. Every teacher need to reflect: I am not a good teacher in the teaching, I have no heart, whether I get the students favorite? In the Internet constantly embedded in daily life, students show structural changes today, "teachers should always keep pace with the times, continuous reform and innovation, in order to better play the role and value, win respect". If the teacher is still in the arms, still in the hackneyed and stereotyped expressions, criticized in itself, will inevitably encounter the students "vote with their feet". Those who do not have the intention to use in teaching and learning, still accustomed to violent education, educational ideas and methods of the old and backward teachers, suffered poor evaluation inevitable. Teachers’ Day is the original meaning, is to perfect the rights protection, enhance social identity, make teachers work more valuable, give teachers more dignity. On the one hand, teachers should carry out "self salvation", improve their professional skills, follow the occupation相关的主题文章:

The classic Western remake of the magnificent seven top the US box office

The classic Western remake of "the magnificent seven" top the US box office Tencent entertainment news (Wen Dongqi) although mixed reviews, but a remake of the classic western "the magnificent seven" (The Magnificent Seven) but in just the past weekend to $35 million results easily won the North American box office champion. By Anthony · Fuqua (Antoine Fuqua) directed by Denzel · (Denzel Washington), Washington; Chris · Pratt (Chris Pratt) and Ethan · Hawke (Ethan Hawke) starring the "Magnificent Seven" in 3674 theaters with an average income of $9526, the film in the overseas 606 IMAX theater the harvest of 4 million 300 thousand dollars, the audience rating for the A- CinemaScore website. The second is the Warner Bros. animated film "funny bird Gaiden: Adorable treasure everywhere" (Storks), total box office 21 million 800 thousand, 3922 theaters with an average of 5560 yuan, plus 33 overseas markets in 18 million 300 thousand, more than 40 million of the global box office. The main actor film include Andy · Samberg (Andy Samberg), Kell and · (Kelsey Grammer), Kelsey grammer; Katie · (Katie Crown) and other. CinemaScore website rating is A-. The Warner Brothers for two weeks at the box office champion "Captain Sally" (Sully) slipped to third place, 13 million 800 thousand weeks at the box office, the total box office 92 million 400 thousand, overseas week at the box office 6 million 500 thousand, global total of $126 million 900 thousand, the film by Clint · Eastwood (Clint Eastwood) directed by Tom · Hanks (Tom Hanks), Allen · Eckhardt (Aaron Eckhart) and Lara · (Laura; Linney) starring linney. Universal Studios’ BJ single diary 3:BJ children (Bridget Jones’ s 4 million 500 thousand) at the box office for second weeks, ranked No. fourth, the total domestic box office at the end of the year, with a total of 67 million 100 thousand outside Shanghai, the world’s total box office at the end of the year of 83 million 600 thousand, at the box office of the Baby. The film by Sharon · Maguire (Sharon Maguire) directed by Renee · Zellweger (René e Zellweger), Colin · Fels (Colin Firth), Patrick · (Patrick Dempsey) starring Dempsey. Olivier · Stone (Oliver Stone) directed by "Snowden" (Snowden) for 4 million 100 thousand weeks at the box office in the!相关的主题文章:

Duncan is the tugboat towed back to port maintenance – Shandong Channel – due to a tec imjpmig

"Duncan" is the tugboat towed back to port maintenance – Shandong Channel – according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on November 24th, due to a technical fault before the British Navy spent 1 billion pounds (about RMB 45) Destroyer "Duncan" to create the sea is only two days, due to a technical fault by tugs towed back to port. It is reported that Duncan and the other 3 NATO warships arrived in the United Kingdom at the end of last week, the German naval port of Devon, Potter. They were flying to other naval bases in Europe this week after training near the coast of Plymouth. However, on Wednesday afternoon, the south coast of England said there are a number of people in the social media, they see Duncan alone was a tugboat towed back to port. Plymouth resident Raymond (Raymond Wergan)? Wigan said Duncan looked "completely lost power". The British Defense Ministry spokesman confirmed that, Duncan suffered a technical failure during the voyage, has been towed back to British ports for maintenance. "Daily Mail" previously published reports, said the British total built 6 ship type 45 destroyers, built every ship maintenance cost about 1 billion pounds. But after investing heavily in the construction of these warships are often parked in the harbor for a long time, the number of patrols on the sea is very small. According to the daily mail statistics, from April 2015 to 2016, the 6 destroyers berthing time together to reach a total of 1515 days, of which the annual berth of more than 4 years or even more than 300 days. International observers: the cooperation between China and Chile to pull away in the relationship between the two countries will step by step ahead China President Xi Jinping during his first visit to Chile during the decision is consistent with the Chilean President Bachelet, will enhance the bilateral relations for positioning Chile comprehensive strategic partnership. Analysts pointed out that the chairman Xi Jinping’s visit to push the bilateral relations to a new level. The former Prime Minister of France called for the world economy on the Sino French relations G3 former Prime Minister Dominic De Villepin said the new pattern of France? Accept exclusive video interview, China still experiencing some difficulties, but the world economy has always played a locomotive role, because Chinese is on the development of the world economy with the largest country. (commissioning editor Zhang Liandong and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章: