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The new function of appearance can brush millet MIX subway. – Sohu [news] Chinese digital mobile phone millet and millet MIX Note 2 look amazing enough, but millet gives the two new flagship "black" technology is also more than that. Yesterday, @ millet announced that the payment of Beijing municipal traffic card Note2 millet and millet MIX line. Millet pay micro-blog millet said that as long as the user to upgrade to the latest version of the MIUI system and the development of stable version, you can open the Beijing bus card in millet wallet. With the support of these two new devices, millet bus card support models have reached 6, there will be more support for the city will be on the line later. September 1st this year, millet and China UnionPay launched millet payment. Millet pay the bright spot is that, in addition to supporting 20 banks credit card and debit card, but also as a city card used to ride the bus, subway use. At the same time, millet 5 is the first to support the payment of millet flagship. However, back to the bus card, the current millet MIX and millet Note 2 only supports Beijing card. Due to the convenience of supporting the function of the traffic card, a lot of rice outside Beijing are also eagerly looking forward to experience this feature, millet you see the voice of the people?相关的主题文章:

The company wants to do parking spaces to solve parking spaces Uber difficult-denka

The company wants to do parking Uber parking spaces to solve difficult parking in large cities increasingly difficult, every time out of the door, parking will have to spend half an hour, not parking is not too expensive parking spaces. But now, try sharing carpool we have the opportunity to try to share the garage. MyLü CKE (pronounced My Loo-kah English) for struggling to find parking owners launched in the city, is in German space. In fact, it is almost the same as Uber, but the driver into a parking space, passengers replaced the owner. Open the application, the interface will show around the available parking spaces, the owners can choose according to need, and can be paid by app. MyLü and CKE not only provides hours of rental units; parking spaces, there are daily, weekly rent, monthly rent form. There are also a variety of parking spaces, in addition to the main private parking spaces, as well as some public places, commercial parking spaces, as well as places where people will not think of, such as the church. The special thing is to provide valet parking services. At the same time, some picky customers do not need to worry about, APP filter function can be filtered for them, whether it is cement or asphalt pavement, garage or parking can be selected. Parking spaces are priced by the owner, MyLü CKE will charge 20% of the fee from each order. However, the owners of private parking spaces, is worried about the safety of their own parking spaces, if the child who is responsible? Although the MyLü has just started; CKE has not been standardized in this area, but they are working to resolve, will soon join the liability clause and one-time insurance. At present, MyLü CKE only iOS version, and only in California, Losangeles, but the company has plans to expand the next step. The company’s CEO Emily Webb to create products for carpool a sector Airbnb, but this is really not easy, because in the "carpool a circle" has been SpotHero, ParkNav, Parkmobile several strong rivals, including Parkmobile’s cooperation with Audi, Ford, in the vehicle control panel join this program. This is for the owners of consumers have a good news, parking applications more mature, looking for a place to park the day on the road twists and turns to more and more far away from us.相关的主题文章:

UK svsfx daily review of major currencies-步步高i606

British SVSFX: the main currency of the day on the assessment of the exposure of the Sina fund exposure: the letter Phi behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The euro dollar Thursday to stabilize the euro dollar dollar in North America fell to 1.1140 hours midday, limited data, investors pay attention to agriculture. Better than expected U.S. data to raise the Fed’s rate hike, the dollar continued to rise since the beginning of the week. U.S. payrolls in September is expected to record 172 thousand, wage growth rebounded from weakness in August. The European market in early trading Germany announced in August factory orders, new orders in the manufacturing sector grew by 1%, the former value of 0.3%; in October 1st when the lowest level since the week jobless claims recorded in 1973, recorded 249 thousand, continued jobless claims fell to a 16 year low of 2 million 58 thousand. Technically, the exchange rate for the fourth consecutive week in the range of 1.1120-1.1280, the exchange rate is far lower than the 4 hours above the average, 20SMA eventually fell below 200SMA, energy index hovering in the neutral zone, RSI is located in the oversold levels near support continue to fall, if non farm accidents may lead to the exchange rate fell down. Support: 1.1120 1.1080 1.1040 resistance: $1.1245 – $1.1280 Yen Yen Yen trading at a high of 5 weeks, not far from the high of about 104.15 place in the world. The central bank said the central bank is expected to analyze speech, quantitative easing will not fall into debt to buy position, plus the United States unemployment claims last week fell to 249 thousand, better than expected, the dollar got a boost. Asian stock markets were mixed, the strong stock market, European stock markets fell, stocks volatility is not. The exchange rate is expected to remain volatile before payrolls, but from short-term technical indicators the overall exchange rate rise, the exchange rate is 100 and the hourly chart shows 200 hours above the average, the average price is below 100SMA at around 102.60, that the exchange rate moderately bullish momentum. Hour chart display technology index in extreme overbought levels, moderate in the north, below the previous high. 4 hours chart shows the technical index of accelerated north, currently stands at 83 near the North return to moderate after finishing the momentum, the exchange rate is expected to see upward from the point of view of technology. Support: 103.10 102.65 103.80 104.30 102.20 resistance: 104.65 pounds sterling dollar dollar on Thursday fell to a 31 year low of 1.2601 on Friday morning Asian market exchange rate in a few minutes again fell 400 points, or a staggering 5%, fell to 1.1904. The mood is extremely negative, and this could only be the start of a political uncertainty and economic deterioration. The current exchange rate rebounded to around 1.2400, technical indicators are extremely distorted, all index fell, as long as the extremely oversold, located below 1.25, the risk is still biased downward. Such as broken will quickly rebound to 1.26相关的主题文章:

Doctor obesity were not suitable for running their teeth will damage the anti – knee sports Sohu-drop dead diva

Doctor: obesity were not suitable for running their teeth will damage the anti – knee sports Sohu Beijing time on November 12th, a lot of body more obese people, all with love running to lose weight, a lot of the media are also in the running propaganda weight-loss benefits, but according to the doctor, obese people, in fact, is not suitable for running. Because it will cause damage to the body. The doctor said, usually the body mass index (BMI) of more than 28 people can be called obese, obese people when in motion, you need to pay more attention. Scientists study shows that when running every landing, the pressure on the knee is usually walk 7 to 10 times, for example, a weight of 100 kilograms, each step of the knee compression is 900 kg, so obese long-term running, will cause damage to the meniscus. In addition, squat, rope skipping is not suitable for obese people. So what are some of the people who can do it? Experts said that the movement is mainly suitable for obese people swimming, cycling and walking, swimming 1 hours can consume 400 to 700 calories, because the buoyancy of the water body, only under 10% weight pressure. When riding the bicycle saddle can bear most of the weight of the body, thereby reducing the pressure on the knee. Brisk walking can be 4 to 5 times a week, each about 30 minutes, depending on the physical condition of the speed. In addition, for example, Pilates, sitting dumbbell exercise sitting posture, is also very suitable for obese people. (Alse)相关的主题文章:

Samsung washing machine explosion also said that the United States regulatory

Samsung washing machine is also called "the U.S. regulatory explosion problem" Samsung mobile phone not only in "explosion", recently because of its production of washing machine explosions in the United States and eat lawsuit. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission 28, 2009, to remind consumers, Samsung Corp from March 2011 to April 2016, the production of top open washing machines exist security issues". However, this regulator does not specify specific models. CNN (CNN) reported from Texas, Georgia, Indiana, consumers said that violent explosions occurred with Samsung washing machine clothes. They filed a class action lawsuit in a federal court in New Jersey more than a month ago. Agence France-Presse quoted a report, some explosion occurred in the (washing machine) installed on the first day, some are in the purchase of a few months or a year after the explosion". Court documents show that a female consumers in Dallas, Georgia, described the explosion sounds like a bomb ", while a female consumer Texas Macallan said," the explosion very fierce, and even the wall inside the garage to tore her". According to a statement, the Samsung Corp in the explosion after the accident forced recovered and destroyed all the problems of washing machine". Samsung Corp, 28, said it is working with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission on the washing machine safety risks for positive discussion". The statement said, in the washing bed, bulky items and waterproof articles, related parts rarely occurrence of abnormal vibration, and thus pose a threat to personal safety or property; since 2011, consumers "billions of times of washing are not out of accident". However, the Samsung Corp recommends that consumers in more information or compensation programs come out, the use of lower rotational speed, gentle washing mode cleaning large items. (Xinhua Chen Dan) [micro].相关的主题文章: