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Perfect wife could do these words: which woman does not want him to love their own life? But, if you want to let him spoil you, you have to learn the art of love…… My wife is like this, I can think of the most romantic thing is to grow old with you, until we are too old to go anywhere, you still treat me as a treasure in the palm of your hand." Always hear a woman from time to time to sing the lyrics. Yes, which woman does not want him to love his life? But if you want him to spoil you, you have to learn the art of love…… 1, as a lover to do a wife is not difficult to be a good lover is not difficult, but a wife to do with his lover, let him miss, let him crush, really need some effort. 2 keep Rouqingsishui not a man can escape the woman’s arms. But don’t just gentle, when he is, you must put some ideas to take this time to tell him, or what is the latest need and requirements at the moment. Such a man can never refuse, act in pettish, tell him that you want to eat ice cream…… But you have to remember when he is working overtime to his study to give him a cup of tea, a bowl of noodles to send a Poached Egg, so you do more housework than any have effect. 3 there are a few good food for him to learn here to say there will be no generic delicacy, you can not do the tomato soup, but you have to do the husband love Braised pork in brown sauce would you do not need to, but you have to table delicacies from land and sea, do a few Home Dishes your husband’s love. When he goes out, he will say that this is not as good as my wife does, he would like to come back to you soon, that is, you take the menu to learn the way, will let him remember you. 4 there is always a beauty of the heart of the United States and the United States and the United States looks ugly, but you have to be accompanied by a beautiful woman. Remember that no matter what degree you can, to dress yourself in the mirror, but also know how to dress the law clearly, his style of dressing. Your pajamas, underwear should pay attention to, because the coat is for others to see, and to his pajamas underwear but the husband see Oh! 5 when the husband only private assistant not to all your small home clothes you all inclusive, you can get a nanny or other clothes is what people to wash. Husband underwear and socks you are certain to wash, no matter how dirty and smelly. Make sure he changes his socks every day, and never let him wear a pair of socks. To make sure that he’s wearing underwear, you have to deal with the aroma. 6 to satisfy his desire for the conquest of the two things, but there are a lot of knowledge in it. The man wants his wife, outside is a lady, the bed is a slut, this is almost truth. To understand the nature of his pursuit of novelty, let him lifetime study you, and you can always give him the feeling of conquest, he will feel that you are a charming woman, he is a real man. 7 give him a reason to love you no woman does not want a man’s love for a lifetime, no woman does not want their families forever and happiness. But time will always grow old, young women than you will always appear, especially your man mature.相关的主题文章: