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Jewelry-Diamonds Giving gifts is a good way to express your feelings and affection for a person. While giving gift to someone special, one should know about their likes and dislikes. Sometimes, it is too difficult to select a gift for your partner based on his/her likings. Everyone wants to surprise their partner by giving gift that is unique and different. Opal rings are something that can make your partner happy and surprised. Beautiful opal rings are made of precious opal gems found at Lightning Ridge in Australia. Opals have a unique property of changing hues every moment, and because of this property they are also known as Rainbow stones. The word opal is derived from a Greek word opallus which itself means changing colours. Lightning ridge in Australia is the home of world famous Australian opals and almost 90% of the opal jewelries are made from opals extracted from Lightning Ridge. Opal rings are made from the rough opals, which are polished and processed after extraction from mines. Rough opal is found in the mines deep inside the Earths crust. They are not suitable for making opal jewelry until their polishing and furnishing. Once opals are extracted, they are exported to the refinement center for washing, polishing and cutting. The polishing of opal stones are done manually with utmost care in order to avoid damages. There are different varieties of opal rings that you can gift to your partner. Black opal ring particularly is very popular among opal lovers. The different kind of opals has different properties like color, shape and size. Rare fire opal is one such unique opal with eye catching looks. Some other popular opal gemstones used for opal jewelries are crystal opal and white opals. White opal rings are also very popular among ladies and showcased in many jewelry stores. Different color opal rings have different significances, like blue opal ring denotes calmness and trust, while the red opal ring signifies passion for love. Before buying an opal ring, lot of research needs to be done. There are many websites offering opal rings made from famous Australian opals. It is very important for a person not to get faked by similar looking stones which are not opals. So, it is always advisable to buy opal rings or any opal stone from genuine and recognized opal sellers. The prices of opal rings vary from their types, designs and patterns. Black opal rings are the costliest one among the opal rings. Apart from opal rings, you can also gift opal pendants, opal bracelets and other opal jewelries. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: