One hundred years to create a plant extract fragrance Royal classic

One hundred years to create a plant extract fragrance Royal classic French legend GELLE FRERES190 Luo Jie Fu anniversary century classic began on the plant extract and aromatic plant extract love French royal fragrance cosmetics brand Jie Luo Fu GELLE FRERES was born in Paris is full of romantic and elegant atmosphere. It was a time of beauty and variety. The French GELLE FRERES Luo Fu Jie said, always think of Palace of Versailles garden, Queen Marie, Trianon (Trianon) of water, and a group of love and perfumery plant extract masters and artisans. The formula founder Fahey Keown once said: "only the integration of modern chemical technology and art of perfumery, only the future." The scent of perfume must be "the scent of the soul of the user". In 1826, the Geller brothers Fahey Keown inherited from the genius Flavourists legendary skill perfumery [Elixir] potion formula and aristocracy, is a continuation of his love of plants and nature. At the beginning of twentieth Century, the brand entered its heyday in the canon of thunder under the leadership of mr.. In 190 years, the French Luo Fu Jie GELLE FRERES with excellent skill of aromatherapy and perfumery, created by [Elixir] potions Soul series headed for, including facial care, fragrance, essential oils, body care and Home Furnishing fragrance and other products, laid a pure natural and efficient care, fragrance pleasant the brand concept, to the people passing classic French beauty. On the occasion of the 190 anniversary of the French Luo Fu Jie, GELLE FRERES is also about to launch "- Crafts" limited edition commemorative gift, a bottle of a tank, carefully selected, is a bestseller. Left: the founder of Fahey Keown B formula: Mary Antoinette queen left: the brand founder Geller brothers: the right brand successor Mr Recannon royal heritage and bold innovation in France GELLE FRERES Luo Jie Fu classic formulation was born in the French court, served the empress Eugenie, Madame Tussauds and other celebrities. From the Royal workshop, to the steam plant, and then to modern technology, 190 years, the French Luo Fu Jie GELLE FRERES always walk in the forefront of the times, never follow the trend, but always leading the fashion. GELLE FRERES is a French Luo Jie Fu cosmetics industry earlier use of steam distribution and production of cosmetics brand, to become the industry leader in science and technology. In 1851, Jean-Baptiste Augustin GellE (Jean Baptiste Agustin Geller) according to the Fahey Keown formula, the deployment of Albion water, Albion beauty and fragrance vinegar series products, and won the bronze medal at the 1855 Paris World Expo, and famous in europe. 1855 awards 1855, France GELLE FRERES Luo Jie Fu more violet perfume by Napoleon III wife, Queen Ou Renni as the beloved Jean-Baptiste Augustin Pierre, GellE (Jean Baptiste Agustin Geller) also became the empress Eugenie Royal with flavourists. Europe.相关的主题文章: