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On the right to blow up the comfort women Museum has the assassination of the mayor of Nagasaki – Sohu Military Channel global network reported on November 1st: the first Japanese military collection of criminal evidence of the Japanese army in World War II archives comfort women "women’s war and Peace Museum" in October 30th received a far right terrorist organization "red team report" intimidation. "Red team report" the archive immediately removed all of the Japanese war crimes of the historical data, otherwise it will blow up the archives "". Japan’s "Asahi Shimbun" said in October 31st that the comfort women adhere to an open archive of historical truth, thus repeatedly harassed and attacked by right-wing groups, but received a "bomb threat" is the first time. According to the analysis, under the guidance of "conservative orientation" in the mainstream politics and right-wing media, the activities of right-wing groups in Japan have become increasingly rampant. "Asahi Shimbun" said the postcard in Tokyo Shinjuku West Waseda "women’s war and Peace Museum" in October 30th on the official website open a letter containing a threatening message, top with red and black font reads: "will blow up (archives), removed the war show." Signed "Asahi newspaper red team". The postcard was sent in September 30th of this year, the librarian found this postcard after the alarm in October 5th. "The women’s war and the Peace Museum", while offering a threatening letter, also posted an open letter to the major news agencies in Tokyo on the official website". The open letter reveals the truth of the right-wing media, such as Sankei Shimbun and other right-wing groups to fight against the truth of the organization to defend the truth. "Asahi Shimbun" said red public threat comfort women archives "team" is a right-wing terrorist organization reported previously in the notorious repute, "Japanese national independence" volunteers "volunteer team still red newspaper" name, advocated radical nationalism and violence against political opponents". From 1987 to 1990, the "red team report" manufacturing a series of terrorist attacks, as identified by their "Anti Japanese" Asahi Shimbun "newspaper" as the main goal, known as the "red team event report". In May 1987, the "red team report" attack Asahi Shimbun reporter Kobe branch, causing hurt to death. In January 1990, they shot the mayor of Nagasaki, the island, causing his injuries, the reason is the mayor: "emperor of Japan should bear responsibility for the World War II speech, so far still unpunished criminals. Japanese police believe the threatening letter may be "red team report" molecules, may also be rightwingers fraudulent use of its name. In the comfort women issue, the women’s war and Peace Museum has special significance. It is Japan’s first collection of wartime sexual violence victims and the victims of the material comfort women, established in 2005. The archive collection of deliberations, women’s international war crimes tribunal of 9 victims and injuring soldier’s testimony, expert testimony and the emperor, the Japanese government and military responsibility, comfort the map and disappear from the Japanese textbook in the comfort women described, rich in content. In addition, the library also collected a large number of books on the study of comfort women. The museum holds a different theme of the exhibition every year, but also for high school students held a comfort women exhibition". In May this year, to.相关的主题文章: