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No ordinary way! Lugu Lake to Aden classic hiking through the second – tourism Sohu then the story of the first day, yesterday we started walking from Lugu Lake Yongning Town of hot springs village, night live in a mountain pastures between mouth and foot and the village house. Dial the sea there is not high, but at night, in fact very cold, everyone was frozen up, installed in the water in the bucket is a layer of ice, visible night temperatures have dropped to below zero. Early in the morning, the groom has to start up the fire to warm everyone from the tent in the drilling out of the fire. Outside the air is too cold, the sun’s peers are not willing to go out of the tent this is the house of the foot of the village, the field of corn harvest is over, a group of black pigs are still in the open space foraging. This is a relatively remote and backward village, no mobile phone signal as we go faster, the caravan behind us the way to the local villagers, the villagers are very enthusiastic, with our house foot village guide alpine pastures, once the summer passed, a green meadow, now fall somewhat desolate. These white buildings are the local schools and police stations, facilities are relatively good place. The side of the road and eight Wind Horse flag, the local people also believe in Tibetan Buddhism our caravan finally arrived, and we walk and mouth Mosuo villages in order to save time, at noon we cook instant noodles to eat seven people were cooking ten packs of instant noodles we walked a morning on the side of the road, all tired. To eat is also very enjoyable after lunch is to let people show signs of boring Road, there are 199 kilometers from Aden to the 199 kilometers, we go in a bitter roadside village is close to the rice, autumn is the harvest season is about to walk for an hour, came to the sheep, then are mountain that road is much more comfortable than the deep blue sky, A lot of dead lonely path in the forest village, which is an important source of local dense wood forests we walked into the original forest, the mountain valley in the valley we called duck duck mid camp, started a fire to cook there is a small river that flowed down the mountain, although the river but because it is sweet snow melt water, so cold, we in the river to wash dish meat, hands are frozen red. There must be a place where the camp of the river, which is the most basic guarantee, easy to wash food to cook for dinner today dish is beef stewed radish, beef stew plateau is not easy, but buy a pressure cooker! Tomorrow to continue the third day of the trip, please look forward to more detailed Raiders and Daocheng, Aden, welcome to pay attention to the cloud line outdoor public micro signal: yunxingclub相关的主题文章: