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Next year the highest photovoltaic benchmark price down more than 30% Enterprises: but not next year in the benchmark price of photovoltaic subsidies dropped to the highest in more than 30% photovoltaic enterprises: down to reasonable subsidies on – reporter Yu Nan recently, the market rumors, the national development and Reform Commission is considering 2017 in parts of China photovoltaic power tariff reduction increased to about 2% from the original 13%. This means that, based on a resource area of photovoltaic power plants currently perform benchmark tariff 0.8 yuan, two kwh of resource area 0.88 yuan kWh and three kwh of resources of 0.98 yuan in 2017, photovoltaic power tariff will be lowered to 0.696 yuan, 0.7656 yuan kwh kWh and 0.8526 kwh. However, in September 29th, the national development and Reform Commission issued the "national development and Reform Commission on the adjustment of new energy benchmark tariff notice (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "draft"), of which three photovoltaic power tariff area from 0.8 yuan, 0.88 yuan kwh kwh kwh, 0.98 yuan down to 0.55 yuan kW when, 0.65 yuan, 0.75 yuan kwh kwh. The implementation of the new energy benchmark price fall mechanism "draft" pointed out that China will continue to implement the new energy electricity back slope mechanism, according to the new energy and industrial technology progress and cost reduction, appropriate to reduce the scope of protection of the acquisition in 2018 the new onshore wind power and photovoltaic power generation and other new energy in 2017 the new benchmark price. Photovoltaic power generation, onshore wind power tariff in the local coal-fired unit electricity (including desulfurization, denitrification and dust electricity plus 1 ultra low emissions increase cents KWH) within the part by the local provincial grid settlement; the higher part through the national renewable energy development fund to subsidize. In addition, the "draft" that should be appropriate to reduce the distributed PV subsidy standards, the use of distributed photovoltaic power generation project building roof and affiliated site construction, in the project record can select a mode of self occupied, power over the Internet "or" full access "in. The spontaneous use of distributed photovoltaic power generation, power over the Internet "mode to implement the whole electricity subsidies mode, subsidy standards are a resource area 0.2 yuan kwh, two kwh, 0.25 yuan area resource three resource area 0.3 yuan kwh, the subsidies paid by the renewable energy development fund and by the power grid companies pay; among them, distributed photovoltaic power generation system occupied more than online electricity tariff acquisitions by power grid enterprises in accordance with local coal-fired units benchmark. Full Internet mode to implement the price of photovoltaic power plants, subsidies for the specific approval procedures in accordance with the implementation of photovoltaic power plants. In addition to photovoltaic, offshore wind power, biomass power generation and other aspects of the draft on the non tender offshore wind power projects, to distinguish between two types of wind farms and offshore wind power to determine the price of electricity. In December 31, 2018 before the commissioning of offshore wind power project bidding price of 0.8 yuan per kilowatt hour (including tax, the same below)相关的主题文章: