Network transmission Xie Xingfang and friends to discuss content is false WeChat non I (video)-invictus gaming

The net transfer of Xie Xingfang and his friends deliberations is fake WeChat Lin Dan Xie Xingfang (information) Lin Dan suspected wife chats exposure pain refers to "people have an ulterior motive" Tencent sports news (Wen Zhang Nan) Beijing time on November 19th, "All Star" again someone broke the news before the release of suspected Xie Xingfang yesterday to forgive Lin Dan micro-blog, looking for friends the negotiations screenshots. The micro letter name to my photos are non Xie Xingfang WeChat, universal entertainment era once again fabricate news is beyond the bottom line. Just after today, Lin Dan experienced a candid camera incident began to return to the State Sports General Administration Training Bureau at the same time, the network on the couple has just experienced the storm continues to spread a variety of news. "All Star" exposure suspected Xie Xingfang and friends chat records, before the release of micro-blog to forgive Lin Dan, she wrote two versions, one of which is eventually released, another version is mentioned his tangled feelings, and specifically mentioned "the others don’t mind when she chose the confinement of the message. In the end, the second version was not adopted. However, when the screen appeared fooled many eating melon masses, insiders know that Xie Xingfang is not my WeChat. Because Xie Xingfang’s WeChat name is not her Chinese name at all. If the name can be modified, then the head can not be changed. But in this screenshot suspected Xie Xingfang’s Avatar is indeed with WeChat although Xie Xingfang and Simba dog photos, but in fact Xie Xingfang’s Avatar is not WeChat pictures of themselves, but a still life. In addition, with Lin Dan after marriage, do Mrs. Xie Xingfang at home all the time on taking care of their mother, always walk friends less and less, the heart is more than. After the event, even if it is a good friend to contact her, did not get a reply, not to mention the initiative to find someone to discuss micro-blog content. And this obviously can not be released on the Internet brokerage team news. Since Lin Dan was photographed after the incident exposed, all kinds of news about the two people who have been in the network are deducted bizarre version, a lot of people are then heat up speculation, even purely for entertainment. In any case, it is an injury to Xie Xingfang, who is breastfeeding.相关的主题文章: