NDRC full liberalization of salt prices to maintain the basic stability of salt prices-zhuxianduowan

NDRC: full liberalization of salt salt prices remain stable prices [] recommend reading the NDRC official: common salt prices will not be notified of abnormal fluctuations in the national development and Reform Commission on matters related to the release of salt price change price [2016]2032 of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities development and Reform Commission, the Price Bureau: according to the "State Council on the issuance of salt solution the reform of the notice" (the [2016]25) spirit, now let the price of salt on the matter as follows: first, the full liberalization of the price of salt. Since January 1, 2017, the release of salt factory, wholesale and retail prices, according to the production and operating costs of enterprises, salt quality, market supply and demand and other factors independently determined. All localities should pay close attention to carry out related work to ensure the release of salt retail prices as scheduled. Two, to ensure stable supply of salt market. All localities should do a good job before and after the reform of policy convergence, refinement of reform measures, to establish and improve the salt reserve system, study and formulate contingency plans to ensure safe and stable supply of salt. Salt production enterprises to make salt scheduling and distribution of work, improve the enterprise reserve system, to maintain a reasonable inventory, and effectively protect the salt market especially in outlying and poverty-stricken areas and underdeveloped supply of common salt stability of the minority areas, to supply, not out of stock. Three, salt prices remain stable. All localities should strengthen salt retail market especially in outlying and poverty-stricken areas and minority area economy owes the developed price monitoring, focusing on analysis early warning, when the salt market abnormal fluctuation, to take timely and effective measures to maintain reserves, salt price stability. Special circumstances can be taken in accordance with the law of temporary price intervention or other emergency measures to prevent abnormal fluctuations in the price of ordinary salt. At the same time, to strengthen the supervision and inspection of the salt price, give full play to the 12358 price supervision platform, timely report complaints, investigate and punish price gouging, price collusion, hoarding and profiteering unfair price behavior, and earnestly safeguard the market order of salt. Consumers can report price violations through 12358 price supervision platform. Before the price liberalization, salt production and management enterprises to strictly implement the relevant provisions of government pricing, to create a favorable market environment for reform. Four, do a good job in remote poverty areas and low-income groups. According to the actual situation around the local government subsidy, flexible marketing expenses or direct subsidies to the poor security, remote areas and economically less developed minority area population can eat, eat qualified iodized salt. According to the established social assistance mechanism to ensure that low-income groups do not reduce the quality of life due to the release of salt prices. Five, strengthen publicity and interpretation. Salt is the basic necessities of life, closely related to the daily lives of the masses. Over the release of the retail price of salt, to intensify propaganda and policy interpretation, social stability is expected to eliminate fuzzy understanding and one-sided understanding, clarify the salt price liberalization, the government will take various measures to stabilize the market and the price of salt, to create a good atmosphere for reform. January 1, 2017, "national development and Reform Commission on improving salt factory (field相关的主题文章: