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NASA found in the snow capped mountains New Horizons data exposure – Sohu technology [science and technology] September 10th news, NASA found in the snow capped mountains, new horizons data exposure. NASA for the study of Pluto has been in progress, for astronomers, Pluto has many exciting exploration fun, let’s look at the NASA in recent years for some of the discovery of Pluto. According to foreign media reports, according to the U.S. Space Agency (NASA), "New Horizons" detector group, said they found in a huge dark area of Pluto, the mountains are covered with snow covered with strange. This dark area is informally named "the Su Lu region". This area is located in the Great Plains Sputnik nitrogen ice plain on the west side, covering almost half of Pluto’s equator. Su Lu area is about 3000 km, about 750 km wide. The topography of the area is characterized by a dark surface, scientists believe that this may be because the surface covered with a layer of dark toling. Toling is methane molecules to form complex exposure in the sun after. The geological conditions in the Su Lu area create a wide variety of landforms from the mountains to the plains, from the mountains to the fault zones. The enhanced, reddish color image shows a 420 km long mountain in the southeast of Su Lu. The mountain is located in the middle of some craters and its peaks are separated by valleys. The upper slopes of some of the highest peaks are covered with a very bright material, in contrast to the dark red of the surrounding plains. Scientists believe that this shiny material may be mainly in the atmosphere of the atmosphere of methane in the condensation of ice. New Horizons spacecraft science team, the Space Telescope Science Institute John · stansbery said: "only on the slopes covered with this material, it shows that the methane in the atmosphere of the earth is like ice water, condensation in high altitude frost." The composition data of New Horizons spacecraft Ralph on multispectral imaging camera according to the peak position almost with sparkling ice components shown in the photo for the distribution of methane ice is coincident with the purple. The resolution of the enhanced color image is about 680 meters per pixel. The area covered by the photo is 450 km long and the width is about 225 km. The photo was taken in the first 45 minutes of the New Horizons spacecraft in July 14, 2015, which was about 33 thousand and 900 kilometers away from pluto.相关的主题文章: