My early assessment when Yang Lian curse and Thursday diving resonance

My early assessment: when Yang Lian spell and Thursday diving: even when the resonance effect of Yu Yang curse and Thursday diving effect once again formed a resonance index of four with positive, early was broken on 250 line (line), the amount of energy the morning volume significantly, after midday began shrinking, with liangnengweisu, index drop. The last index of four with Yang is in 8.26-8.31, followed by 9.1 days of bardo diving, but then there was a slight adjustment of the four with positive, during which the market will follow the two movements, diving shot up in early trading after midday, 9.7 days is typical; instead of early fall on the rebound after midday, 9.6 days is a typical. Many investors began to worry about whether it will encounter diving on Thursday? The jade that ascribed the line after the fall, this is normal, after all, the line is always a very important pressure, is difficult to be achieved; in addition, from the perspective of investors, the index quickly up little significance, in recent times are jerking diving, opposite adjustment is an opportunity, such as the recent recommendation of micro-blog subscribe to the article in one hundred foreign shares, KELONG bio are hitting new highs again in the adjusted, so its tangled index, rather than concentrate on stocks. The day before the hot, second days to become profitable cash tray varieties, the index down a certain pressure. This is mainly because the stock market lacks new money hot money game. Specifically, the subject shares (the first is the first week of health Chinese, Wanda privatization, ant gold suit, then last week and switched to PPP concept, OLED, environmental protection, military and other) change too fast, lead to the main market is not clear. Including Hengda Department of the Three Musketeers, is staged before the collective impact of trading, the collective impact of extreme limit of the market trend, a hot day, the plate this week is also very quiet. Jade name that the trend of development is very worthy of study in Langfang, although there are local Changyang, but the focus has always been down, which is a typical distribution of the trend, investors do not easily fooled, become the next disk man. The big money speculation is a concept to throw a concept, so investors have also need not be too rigid, the concept of pure speculation and speculation; this value, based on the fundamentals of relying on is completely different, so with the recent PPP after the concept of speculation, but also beware of overheating after the distribution effect. In addition, the recent investors can also focus on the next economic indicators. This Wednesday announced August data of foreign exchange, Thursday announced in August import and export and foreign direct investment data, August CPI, PPI data will be released this Friday, this Saturday is August money supply and credit data. Therefore, the market will pay more attention to these data, in the local trend, the gem has just started, the next day on the web for the weight stock, after stocks broad and sharp differentiation. Tamana think it reminds investors, did not need too much to pursue short-term hot topics shares, patience to do their own value stocks, since there is no big breakthrough space index down concussion, but stable interval is most conducive to stocks. Index shot blocked, then there should be a step back to explore the action, this is normal, but also investors the opportunity to step back to judge the strength of stock process, is also a bargain hunting opportunity, investors pay attention to this.相关的主题文章: