Music as high-level exposure the new machine is not only a big breakthrough in music 2S metal textur

LETV senior admit: the new machine more than Le 2S metallic big breakthrough LETV this time can be described as a new machine, released a few days ago cool1 still fresh, now another new machine is ready. Earlier reports LETV will release a new machine in September 7th, allegedly called LETV 2S, according to previous users given – see, although this new machine uses the ID frame design, but the screen ultra narrow border, so greatly reduces the influence brought by the perception of black edge experience. At noon today, music executives Xingfa von micro-blog said: "since the mobile phone into the metal era, everyone just give himself up on all metal head, but ignore the user experience to get started. Made matte or spray into plastic even if the breakthrough? At least there’s no such thing. How to retain the texture, perception can also offer good feel? That’s what we should do." The music will be visible in the new machine perception and texture. After all, the phone is now a metal body, no features. So the music going from the user’s perception and the hands of the texture to find a breakthrough is deserved. Interestingly, Feng Yi hair micro-blog’s small tail shows the music 2S Pro, we can see that the new machine will not only music 2S. There had been a lot of news about the exposure of this new machine, said Le shile 2S will be equipped with 821 Xiaolong processor, 4G+32G memory combinations, 8 million +1600 million front camera combination, is still 1080P screen, and le 2S Pro the upgraded version, may carry out minor updates in memory and on the screen the most worthy of attention, but should be ID free upgrade version of the design frame, this design from the positive perspective basically can offset ID visual problems without borders, has greatly improved in appearance, is a very big step in general.相关的主题文章: