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More and more young people across the new work is paid family alienation – until now, think of December 2014 rioting in Madagascar, Alec is still a lingering fear. When he was sent to Madagascar as part of the local resident, staff overnight riots, factories were destroyed, the Chinese staff evacuated overnight. According to the Ministry of Commerce statistics, as of the end of 2014, Chinese enterprises in overseas investment enterprises has reached 2.6, distributed in 184 countries and regions around the world; in 2014, the number of outbound mainland residents China years has reached 116 million 590 thousand people. There are a lot of young people in these Chinese companies. More and more Chinese young people go out of the country, in the distant and unfamiliar land not only experienced the unknown loneliness and risk, but also harvest unusual wonderful life. "For the first time to go abroad alone have an uncertain feeling" from Beijing to Madagascar the capital Antananarivo, to transfer in Guangzhou. In September 6, 2014, the trip took 12 hours, half of the earth through the long journey, Alec felt a sense of desolation hit him. "I had never been out of the country, the first time to go to Africa alone, a kind of uncertain feeling." Alec in 2014 after graduating from the French Department of Beijing Foreign Studies University, joined the China National equipment import and Export Corporation, when he knew that the company will send him to an African French speaking country. At school, he had learned of their predecessors by teachers and the future may face the state, "as we learn French, after school the teacher will be vaccinated, may go to Africa overseas future, because if in China, French graduates not much chance." As Africa has become a major market for Chinese companies in the global engineering contract, more and more young people are also in line with the trend of the market, becoming one of hundreds of thousands of people working in africa. According to the French Department of Beijing Foreign Studies University in 2014 statistics, French graduates, the proportion of graduates working in Africa has risen from about 14% in 2004 to about 1/3 in recent years. After entering the company, although at that time, Alec also basically do not have any understanding of Madagascar, but he frankly accepted the arrangement. The company has Madagascar sugar company in 3 countries that the branch, the first branch in Madagascar, Morondava on the west coast, he was sent to the post translation work. Alec has been worried about the medical and health conditions and material conditions in Africa before he went to the local, he found that he did not imagine so bad. Especially in the capital, the degree of prosperity similar to the domestic, tourist cities are also very clean, only the countryside is closer to his imagination, before hanging heart finally landed. When Alec started a new life in Madagascar, in Zhejiang Hangzhou Dahua Technology Limited by Share Ltd biscuits are still waiting for the midnight upstairs not landing shoes off. Biscuits graduated from the Xi’an Jiao Tong University of Electronic Science and technology, into the company after being accidentally assigned to the International Department,相关的主题文章: