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Mishear obstetrician said naked feet open, the father came in – Sohu maternal male doctor encountered gynecological examination for themselves, many women are brave "take off", more embarrassed, hit the doctor’s face to ask "where certain interns will itch", "life is normal" embarrassing questions, really numb…… Recently, friends shared a " I misheard obstetrician, today the results messed up " the article, but the content is really embarrassed to success – – – burst! She said: "it was just in the morning. A few weeks ago I was 18 years old, my mother insisted I do gynecological examinations for the first time. I’m still a virgin, and there’s nothing wrong with that, so I’ve never been there before. I have a few friends to go, they say that the instrument is very cold, to be naked, in a word, strange and so on. I am a man full of privacy, and only one person has ever seen a part of me naked." "My mother was too busy to work with me that day. But I need one of my parents to help me fill out the papers, so unfortunately, my dad can go with me. I went to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the doctor is very kind, and I say hello and chat, let me relax a lot. I wasn’t so nervous, but I was still afraid of being part of the chair. I thought I heard the doctor say, I want to go outside for a few minutes, there is a curtain behind the room, you can take off clothes. You take off after sitting on the chair, I will see you without knocking at the door." I was really nervous. When the doctor left, I went to hang the curtains and began to undress. At that time, the only thing I was thinking about was that there was a curtain for me to change my clothes, but I had to lie naked in the chair. So I lay on the chair on the cold, naked feet in the foot pedal, then I heard a loud knock at the door. I said, ‘come in!’" "The door to rotate, the doctor came in, one face is shocked, but my father is behind him every few feet to walk. Feel like a few minutes, the two of them are large eyes stare at the door. Although the actual time should be only one or two seconds. I gasped, then incoherently ordered them out. My dad not only see me naked light, see my legs open look, not to mention I also help shaved privates." The doctor came in and apologized. There was a disposable paper robe behind the curtain, and I was supposed to wear a paper gown. And when the doctor came in with my dad, he told us about the test of my health care. He said it again before he left the room, but I was too nervous to hear it." "The rest of the check went well, but the journey home was embarrassing. I haven’t even talked to my dad, I don’t even have eye contact, but it’s going to be fine. Of course it was my fault. I hope I can hear it better next time." It’s really the most embarrassing experience I’ve ever heard… Although this is very bad, but still feel very funny! Also hope that the poor girl with her father at an early date… Tell her friends about the story that she messed up相关的主题文章: