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Yang Chen, chairman of Minya: big data can not replace the insurance broker broker how to embrace the Internet? Access to the Internet era, the future direction of the development of insurance intermediaries in the end is what? Yang Chen said that the purpose of the Internet in Minya, hope that through technology tools and networks, to the broker more abundant products, more professional training, so that each agent can truly stand in the perspective of customers, to help customers to choose, even on the Internet to help customers to select the best products,. It can be more efficient in the exhibition industry. "Even in Minya may one day on the Internet to broker into ABCD, customers can choose to broker, Minya is in need of advanced technology and tools of the Internet broker, to better serve customers." He said that from the customer level, the means and methods of Minya through the Internet, to close the viscosity and relationship with customers. The original traditional insurance business in fact, it is difficult to feel the experience of the customer, only to the time of the claim, to be able to experience, the customer will have a sense of loss, service experience is particularly bad. Minya through the Internet means and tools to increase contact with customers, can increase the customer’s daily service experience." Yang Chen said, Minya’s goal is to create a trinity of three-dimensional service system. For the general problem, customers can solve the self-service platform; some of the more complicated problems that can be solved by the customer or online customer call center; more complex problems, you can arrange to broker service. This is the difference between the current market in Minya is now the vast majority of the so-called Internet insurance institutions a little important. Minya to build three-dimensional service system, through a group of people rather than a person to serve customers, will give customers more professional services, better experience. He said that Minya is completely neutral point of view, the construction of one of the most abundant product library to facilitate the use of brokers, the future can be open to a certain extent to the customer. Minya is also doing a demand analysis and definition of a tool to be able to face the customer and simple interaction, it can help him understand the general needs. Minya will also use their professional ability, as well as the insurance sector resources, to carry out cooperation with individuals and institutions in different industries, to achieve win-win situation. About the listing plan, Yang Chen stressed that Minya hopes to become part of a public company or a public company, mainly to solve the following problems, one is the brand awareness, as part of a public company or a public company, will be able to enhance the brand awareness and credibility, but also conducive to Minya’s Progress on mergers and acquisitions the market, he hoped that the insurance agency can hold together, with more distinctive institutions can be a very good combination. At the same time, he also hopes that through the operation of the capital market, allowing employees to see the value of a company reflects, not only to do their own labor income, but also hope to have the corresponding capital income. Ideal for the future, Yang Chen said that at present, the insurance broker also can give customers choose the best products, brokers understand the customer situation, selected price relatively optimal in the market, customer demand.相关的主题文章: