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Ministry of Defense announced that the 6 major domestic carriers of the big news is expected – Sohu news October 27th, the Ministry of Defense announced an important message on the domestic aircraft carrier. In the defense ministry’s regular press conference, deputy secretary of defense news, Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Wu Qian said: the development of China’s first aircraft carrier made is carried out according to plan, the design work has been completed, the main hull has been closed at the dock in the molding, ongoing equipment installation and outfitting construction work. From the Ministry of defense press conference in August 25th to sell Meng style of the sentence: we have this domestic aircraft carrier both external value, more intrinsic temperament. Today announced the completion of the design work, there is no doubt that our domestic aircraft carrier dream has been getting closer and closer. How will the domestic carrier be named? Tonnage? What will be the future development of domestic aircraft carriers? This conjecture has been a hot topic of Internet users, the inventory of the seaweed brother conjecture, we might imagine together "big ship" style. Domestic carrier imaginary map as early as December 31, 2015, the Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun announced the China is building its first aircraft carrier news, also revealed that the carrier’s drainage capacity is about 50 thousand tons, the ski jump takeoff. However, this parameter does not mean that the standard displacement or full load displacement. In general, the aircraft carrier in accordance with the amount of water to be divided, there are light aircraft carriers, medium aircraft carriers, heavy aircraft carrier. The drainage standard of 30 thousand tons for the light aircraft carrier, such as Thailand’s "poor Kerrey? Na lubbert", "Italy carewell"; 30 thousand tons to 60 thousand tons for the medium-sized aircraft carrier, including Russia’s "Kuznetsov", the French "De Gaulle"; drainage of more than 60 thousand tons in known as the heavy carrier, representative of the United States of the "Nimitz" class. Nuclear powered aircraft carrier will have domestic aircraft carrier imaginary nuclear power is no doubt the future development trend of domestic aircraft carriers, rather than the current choice. Nuclear power without the need to replace the core in the whole life cycle of decades, with infinite endurance, but more difficult, the only American and French aircraft carrier (and France "De Gaulle" aircraft carrier has the reactor is too small, lack of power, speed can only reach the short board section 25). Since 1987 China navy nuclear submarine voyage training successfully for the first time, China aspects of design and use in the Naval Nuclear power has accumulated a lot of experience, but the nuclear submarine power plant, is not a simple move to the carrier can be used, this is a very complex system design and related application problems. Navy aircraft carrier nuclear power China road is still a long way to go. Will change the way you take off aircraft carriers imaginary map whether it is already serving Liaoning ship, or in the construction of the first domestic aircraft carrier, carrier fighter is a ski jump take-off. The biggest advantage of the ski jump take-off is convenient, simple, simple maintenance, and electromagnetic catapult takeoff control is more efficient, more effective for future operational requirements. In 2015, the United States Navy used electromagnetic launcher for the first time.相关的主题文章: