Military expert Wang Qiming died at the age of 55 years go to work sick-douke

Military expert Wang Qiming died at the age of 55 years: travel data for work sick: Wang Qiming’s work at 12:53 on October 21, 2016, a member of the Communist Party of China, China South Industries Group Corporation technology leaders, a system project engineer, Lingchuan’s deputy chief engineer Wang Qiming comrades, illness is invalid, forever left the world. At this point, from his 56 year old birthday, there are still two months. 55 years old, is the stage, with rich experience and achievements in the full vigour of life peiran, Wang Qiming left the family and colleagues bring endless sorrow and regret. Lingchuan Institute of R & D Institute Li Hongguo recalls: September 18th, in order to XX project, we also went to Beijing on business, to report the progress of the project to the superior. At that time, Wang deputy general said that he has been in the cold days, fever, no time to go to a doctor, his wife prepared some medicine for him, let him eat on time." In September 20th, Wang Qiming from Beijing back to the factory, and into the busy work. In his wife’s constant urging, he hurried to the hospital, and went to the unit on a day of classes. Later, the body is not comfortable, had to live in the hospital. During his stay in the hospital, he was still coordinating the pilot work of the project, in October 12th, he called Li Hongguo, asked the work report submitted No. "I did not expect that the phone did not play long, people go, too suddenly." Li Hongguo is a colleague of Wang Qiming, he has been unable to believe that the old man worked for many years to leave. Wang Qiming’s heart of national defense, the development of enterprises, decades of hard, devoted energy and wisdom. His many honors: the central business model worker, national defense science and technology industry "511 Talents Project" academic technology leaders, technology leaders, China South Industries Group Corporation have made outstanding contributions of outstanding experts in Sichuan province. He also enjoy the State Council government subsidies, is the group of companies, the national defense science and Industry Bureau, the army of experts library members, business ability, professionalism has been highly praised by the relevant units and peers. Focus on scientific research pro – August 1982, Wang Qiming graduated from East China Institute of technology, came to work in Lingchuan. From the day into the enterprise, he put his own intelligence and dedication, are dedicated to the company’s product research, dedicated to the national defense industry. Wang Qiming focused on scientific research, presided over and participated in the development of the three types of land and sea loaded with a series of two products, these products have become an important support for the development of the company. A project which he chaired, laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the company, a special product of technological progress for the country and the world level of contribution. Over the years, Wang Qiming has been fighting in the forefront of scientific research. Whether it is served as director of product development, or deputy chief engineer during the period, he was pro, devoted to work. In order to solve the key technology, he often work overtime, sleepless nights, in-depth research and analysis, in order to develop solutions; research progress, he often ate lunch in the workshop immediately into work; as the technical authority of the company, he often travel to the field to participate in the meeting and solve technical problems, several times a month, often too late to rest again!相关的主题文章: