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[micro] classroom response pregnancy skin problems, experts give you weapon! Sohu of maternal pregnancy, hormone levels increase blood circulation, increase the basal body temperature and changes will make people feel pregnant mammy skin shine, and texture flexibility will be much better than before pregnancy. However, at the same time, your skin will be more sensitive, more vulnerable to damage, pigmentation, pregnancy spots, stretch marks, eczema, itchy skin, dry skin problems are likely to follow. The micro class, director Liu Xiaoyan will explain the professional knowledge of skin care during pregnancy! How do you do this? How to prevent pregnancy stretch marks? Dry skin during pregnancy, how to avoid? Pregnancy skin becomes greasy, easy to pox, why? Allergy symptoms during pregnancy, how to prevent? We will set aside a special session, you can ask the expert advice Oh ~ the course information on the content: facial pigmentation, stretch marks, sensitive skin time: August 31st (Wednesday) 20:30-21:30pm course type: online sharing | voice + text + picture curriculum location: Studio course fee: free the expert Liu Xiaoyan, famous expert of Department of Dermatology medicine for more than 30 years of research, Capital Institute of Pediatrics Department of Dermatology director of pediatric department of dermatology experts of Beijing new century hospital department of Dermatology director distinguished experts in the capital eryansuo Department of dermatology clinical work for nearly 30 years has been involved in the issue of children with psoriasis immunology research "the lake park is located in the Wangjing area of Beijing new century women’s and children’s hospital is a medical treatment in accordance with international standards (JCI) the establishment and The operation of the hospital. The hospital has a senior medical experts and nursing team, for modern women and children to provide modern, comprehensive, high-quality pediatric, obstetric, gynecological health care services. 1, we cooperate with Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, obstetrics experts, midwives, neonatal doctors, nursing team, let you enjoy the Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital VIP services. 2, the integration of LDR LDR refers to the delivery room, set the labor, delivery, postpartum rehabilitation in one of the families of the delivery room, for pregnant women to provide the most comfortable environment, the most humane medical services, provide more security for the newborn. Obstetric experts, nursing staff here with you and your family have sufficient time to communicate carefully, so that you are filled with affection and relaxed atmosphere to greet the arrival of a new life. 3, as an advocate of natural childbirth, we took the lead in the introduction of the German BirthRite delivery chair, so that every woman to enjoy the advanced foreign vertical delivery. Pregnant mother skin care is crazy ~ ~ can also be pregnant Da Mei, and skin problems Say bye! How to apply for love lost mother network into the scan two-dimensional code, immediately apply! Reservation hotline: 010-5178 3366相关的主题文章: