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Meet Laoshan Guanhai climbers seeking truth asked, intoxicated mountain tourism in the Sohu before! – did not go to Laoshan, do not have much impression on Laoshan, only know at the seaside in Laoshan, and the Laoshan priests, until recently in Shandong and Sina jointly organized the 2016 Laoshan scenic area V Laoshan Master tours in Laoshan have a comprehensive understanding of the real, only to find that there are up to hundreds of kilometers of coastline, the late autumn of Laoshan, the beautiful mountain scenery, rich autumn moment can let you revel in the mountains! From the airport at the moment, the heart is full of expectations, look forward to Qingdao seafood, the beauty of Laoshan, and meet new and old friends. When the moment arrived at Qingdao Liuting Airport, kind of looking forward to the hearts of the increasingly intense, Qingdao Liuting Airport to Laoshan scenic area about 40 kilometers, so the normal arrive there in about 1 hours, Laoshan air Cheng Evening net, Shanhaiguan phase, do not have the mood, in the afternoon in Laoshan sea view Villa Yilin also held 2016v Laoshan from the media Master sharing. Three days in Laoshan to visit Laoshan, the four major tourist areas, praying in Huayan Temple, so open the journey; in seeking truth, asked, opening a cultural tour; in the opening tour scenic Jufeng top; on the north nine water sightseeing tour, opening autumn tour tour. It can be said that each tourist area is worth a visit, have their own unique. Laoshan is located in the eastern part of Qingdao, the East and south sides near the Yellow Sea, "sea first mountain" reputation, the highest peak is 1133 meters above sea level of kyoho. As the saying goes: "although Taishan cloud, as the East China Sea laoshan". Laoshan with its majestic, magnificent, unique and beautiful became famous Taoist mountains, Laoshan Taoist temple, the sunrise and the sea of clouds, are very well known. Laoshan scenic area is clear, clear, stone chessboard, Bunostomum, north nine water, China building, 7 scenic area is composed of Kyoho, flow. The tour line a total of four, including three road (south, East, middle), a waterway. The scenic landscape: according to Xu, clear moon, Kyoho sea Jiao Xian Dun, China building stones, nine water Mingyi etc, Laoshan twelve king. Clear – Bunostomum also known as the south, is the Laoshan scenic area the first development of the most prestigious. It is close to the coastline, with famous cultural attractions, the vast majority of people, is the tour of the Laoshan line. The basic line into the area is clear – Taiqinggong Scenic Area – Huayan Temple, finally bunostomum. This is because we live in the sea near the mouth of the Yang Yilin villa, so first visited near Huayan scenic spot. Huayan scenic spot: Huayan blessing, trip to get open! Address: Qingdao city attractions Wang Ge Zhuang Town Laoshan District back Linghou tourist area of Laoshan scenic area is located in the eastern China, South Taiqing, North West Bunostomum, Kyoho, east of the sea, the main huayansi, Narayana cave, stone chessboard, Ming view, developing more than and 10 sculptures and other attractions. Here mountains and sea, a secluded, no matter is the towering building or cliff, give a person a kind of physical and ethereal, clean, quiet feeling. Exudes a thick of autumn, autumn in Laoshan is really beautiful! Came to the Huayan area, of course, see Laoshan Huayan Temple, Huayan Temple was originally called Asahi相关的主题文章: