McDull today released 4 aspect to create Mid Autumn Carnival entertainment Sohu – invincible tamiflu

"McDull" today released 4 aspect to create the Mid Autumn Festival carnival entertainment movie invincible – Sohu "McDull? Rice treasure Raiders" Mid Autumn Festival poster Sohu entertainment news popular Carnival warm heart for "McDull? Rice treasure Raiders of the Lost Ark" will be held today at the same time, the national release, the film side also released a "the Mid Autumn Festival" and the movie version of the poster, "monster can scratch your ass?" McDull too funny dialogue, inviting the audience to share in the Mid Autumn Festival Carnival invincible innocence! "McDull? Rice treasure Raiders" had been in the country to carry out large-scale point mapping, the majority of the audience said "read more! Ready to brush two." The film "McDull" Jones? Rice plot tension treasure and joy, with catchy "Maxwell verse", a new design of 3D animation, will become one of the favorite classic mcdull. MS Alice Mak said: "the creative took 2 years to the work of the entire team, animation is a very terrible thing, hope to bring you more do not feel the same." One point: McDull eventually became a great hero fighting monsters "McDull Wulitou happy meal? Treasure Raiders" in McDull turned to save the earth and inventor, alien invasion of earth suddenly hit the earth battle blame big ass. Prior to McDull has been to stay Meng image show, but the brain hole open, not only invented a home robot big meal treasure defeat alien monsters, but also its unprecedented hero image to show to the audience. As a classic cartoon image has suffered a setback in the interpretation of McDull small people’s life, the realization of the dream has finally become a childhood hero. In the blood in the film outside of the story, there is no shortage of McDull classic nonsensical spoof, McDull wig, chicken balls were invented to hide the paparazzi and so on will make you laugh, in a relaxed and funny than the care of everyone’s heart. Two things: ass defending the earth science fiction debut Qiangjing strange flavor has always been to sketch style story based McDull, the aura, as an alien invasion accident as the whole story line, plus a variety of ingenious design of the robot, the McDull to create a fantasy flavor. One of the most is to steal the spotlight this strange alien monster ass, like "Q version of Godzilla monster appeared very amazing, not only" two "full of temperament, but also hides a very strong" fart "trick. In addition, as a secret weapon to pay ass strange, McDull designed "rice treasure" robot will McDull nature show — "rice treasure" existence is like McDull continuation of the spirit, the simple robot will make people forget the monsters in the haze, will return all innocence and goodness to the audience. Aspect three: kernel principal secret romance still touching warmth first exposure "McDull? Rice treasure Raiders" passionate story case, still wrapped in small characters and warm feelings. Not only for the love of the fetters of too much wheat, the more human deep mother love, all the dreams moved. The maternal love in wheat has been Taihe McDull McDull the warmth of the dream is always too McDull healthy growing up, though not sure whether the McDull is a genius for invention, but also willing to plug all too hard to realize the dream of his son.相关的主题文章: