Masked reproduction days after the class will be suspected Sherry sing Tanya Chua-vidown

"Masked" after the reproduction of the level of the song will be suspected Sherry Sina entertainment news this week, "the masked song will guess guess" three new songs will be full of bright spots in the full range of. The collapse of the phrase "pollen allergy greenhouse girl" debuted the chorus show extraordinary strength, Juno will both join the singing, guess jury hooked; feel Meng Meng Da bear warm male other adorable audience. God will sing "the last dinosaur" and "laughed very change unpredictably allure" entered the third week guess guess jury evaluation, facing the group off "the crisis, two strength to sing can enter the annual festival, will be unveiled on this program. Juno will sing for Sherry or [micro-blog] Tanya Chua [micro-blog] as "Afanda sister" mystery "masked" program into the ninth period, accompanied by a singer to sing the lineup of exposing the surface, strong and diversity has been talked about for the majority of the audience. The program is coming to an end, more and more people are very curious, we can see the familiar faces in the program? In this program, two days after the class will join the League to guess the team surprised. "The two of them opened their mouth, the voice was too recognizable, and on the stage of singing, I thought they were naked in front of me." Colonel Momoco Tao [micro-blog] seems to have answer, "the two women will sing like no cooperation, their voice is in fact a river lake [micro-blog], I believe many people have heard out who they are. And I’m curious that they will come to the stage." "Come to this program, choose the song to collapse, choose clothes to collapse, face you are about to collapse." Select the "collapse of the king as a mask, she said" big brother "is English" Eagle (Eagle) "transliteration. Wong Kwok Lun [micro-blog] immediately asked: do you think you are a goddess or a woman man?" "Big brother" admits his character more like a boy. This year’s new guess guess Dai Jun [micro-blog] did not hesitate to make a judgment: her first word out, I know who she is." Wong Kwok Lun also added: "but she walk out, we know who she is." "Big brother" singing skill terrible, sharp voice very iconic, on the stage of the domineering sharp no less than the days of Na Ying [micro-blog], Voiceprint Recognition Robot little V in the days after Sherry’s name appeared, Tanya Chua’s similarity is as high as 75%. "Disco girl" fan to do hair, Wowkie Zhang [micro-blog] ridicule her shape like a "crisp pancake". But in addition to form a powerful and unconstrained style Wong Kwok Lun pointed out that "music, disco girl" has become an independent school, she put two times in front of all to get rid of chorus, chord, also changed the melody to third times before returning to normal. She had become a major minor modification method is unique, she is obviously a very musical idea of music." Momoco put forward the "disco girl" and Wowkie Zhang quite closely, "she will be on a variety show, is not possible. A girl, you are not to come to Wowkie Zhang?" Ella[] micro-blog agrees: "with her personality, and all of her knowledge, she is feeling less variety show." Let her guess jury hesitate was mystery as yet)相关的主题文章: