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Mao Xiaotong "Jinxiu Weiyang" subversion "high-energy anti audience expectations" – Mao Xiaotong Li Changru Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news by Tang Yan, Luo Jin, Vanness Wu, Mao Xiaotong starring the "beautiful day" Weiyang is Oriental TV, Beijing TV prime time broadcast, has always been a playful, cute costume style appearance of Mao Xiaotong in the first challenge villain a female, "amazing counter attack" has become a female audience, even subtly malicious, many netizens said bluntly "now the most of Li Changru’s black belly, want to see Mao Xiaotong’s interpretation of female a villain!" Mao Xiaotong "beautiful" Weiyang beautiful audience: looking forward to "cry in the drama" anti high-energy "Jinxiu Weiyang", Mao Xiaotong will play Li Weiyang’s sister Li Changru, in the growth path gradually evolved from the simple, step by step to become the "to counter attack, with a counter subtly malicious" story unfolds, Mao Xiaotong costume appeared again after by virtue of her classical beauty impressed many viewers. Many netizens message said, Mao Xiaotong costume really amazing! But his "plain people", but also said that she looks ordinary! "Smile" is inside the two Hi, where plain!?" For Mao Xiaotong’s Li Changru, netizens are particularly looking forward to her how to interpret a domineering, subtly malicious anti energy: "even see three episodes of" beautiful "Weiyang, looks too good! Mao Xiaotong distressed girl girl, look forward to your subtly malicious!" "Sister, long oppressed by German sister sold, often Ru heart bitter ah, look back later blackening!" Mao Xiaotong subvert the image of "female villain acting challenge subtly malicious" into aspect has a "Fairy Costume" said Mao Xiaotong, "Zhen Huan biography", by virtue of? "," Horizon moon knife "," The legend of Condor Hero "cloud song" the beautiful image, to the audience left a very deep impression, the industry people also praised her "costumes aura overflowing, striking beauty". It is reported that the new "Jinxiu Weiyang" is Mao Xiaotong after the lapse of two fashion show, a new attempt to once again return to costume drama, Li Changru plays a step by step inside black ", have been friends laugh as the year’s most anticipated" anti ", become a major highlight of brocade embroidery Weiyang" wonderful group in the play. For the audience, once sweet, cute Mao Xiaotong in the "beautiful" Weiyang "subversive counter attack", played the role of an early stage and extreme weakness and extreme blackening of the villain, of course is full of surprise. All the while Li Changru struggled to sweetheart do, also let her become crazy. "". In order to restore the role of the inner world, Mao Xiaotong also specifically analysis and research of Li Changru’s skills subtly malicious: "she is a very smart girl, good at finding the weaknesses of each person, carefully layout, so that we can take advantage of the let yourself."   相关的主题文章: